Stress And Your Sex Life: Rediscovering Joy In The Bedroom

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At the end of a hard day the last thing you need is unreasonable pressure to perform in the bedroom. But remember when sexual activity used to be something that you looked forward to, even craved? Those were the days… and they still can be! The only thing keeping you from continuing and enjoying a healthy sex life is proper stress management. Many men become so distracted and overwhelmed by their responsibilities in work and life that they allow stress to negatively affect their personal lives, and more specifically their sex life. It’s time to start protecting one of the most important components of your healthy male existence – your sexuality.

There are potentially serious consequences associated with the effects of stress in the bedroom. Your loss of interest in sex can be disastrous for both you and your partner, leading to a diminished sense of intimacy, communication, sexuality and trust. While they are to be taken seriously, however, the negative effects of stress on sex are also quite common and can be overcome by the majority of adult couples.

There are a variety of sources of stress in your life associated with work and career, finances, family issues or relationships. The key to managing these sources of stress is the ability to separate yourself from them at the end of the day. Pressure from your boss, colleagues or other people in your life can feel overwhelming at times. It is imperative that you maintain a sense of personal clarity in order to deal with this pressure and stress. How can this be done? You need to remember to always put yourself first. If you have been distracted by stress in your life for an extended period of time, stress management will involve acquiring some new skills. The first involves finding a positive perspective.

Due to high levels of stress, your perspective on life may have become clouded, or even nonexistent. Re-establishing perspective requires that you step back from the stress in your life and recognize its true source. Are you overworking because you feel pressure to perform from your family or partner? Or do you have unrealistic ambitions and expectations of yourself and your career? Whatever the reason that you are experiencing high stress levels, it is crucial that you take time to recognize them and the potential effects that they are having on your personal life. Chances are, if you feel tense and irritable at work, you also bring that irritability home with you. The way that stress makes you feel and act towards others may not even be in line with your perception of your own actions or feelings. Go ahead and ask someone – your lover and partner, or a close friend or family member. You may be surprised to find out that your personal stress level has taken its toll on relationships in your personal life, without you ever intending it.

Once you have come to terms with stress and its effects on your life, it is then time to disengage from the sources of stress and strain. There are various ways that experts suggest you go about this. Most of them involve learning how to unwind with both your mind and body. Relaxation techniques work differently on individuals, however, the most reliable means of self-treatment of stress involves exercise, breathing and visualizing techniques, and personal reflection and cultivation. Sounding a little flaky for you? They key to success with these types of treatments is often personal perspective and belief. These types of self-treatment have proven successful for a range of men, however, others might find them too sensitizing to the ego to be effective. Finding the self-esteem to adopt a new exercise regiment, take up yoga, start reading fiction novels, or regularly going for long walks may be a test, but it is a worthy one in the end… whatever it takes to separate yourself from the daily sources of stress in your life! As you might expect, once you are more relaxed and detached from stressors, things like sexuality and intimacy will flow more naturally…

If you have attempted to self-treat the stress in your life, but you are still not feeling at all “in the mood”, there are other ways to address your waning interest in sex. Try to think of all the things you did in the past to maintain your manly mojo… maybe longer showers in the morning, indulging in personal fantasies, taking a little peep at some girly magazines once in a while, or just relaxing in bed with your partner and enjoying each other’s physical company. You may be surprised to find out that all your sex life needs is a period of relaxing re-discovery… how much fun will that be!

If positive self reflection, sexual re-discovery, or other means of self-treatments are not the solution for you, your high level of stress energy may require treatment of another kind. In today’s fast-paced world, an increasing number of men are looking for help to re-establish themselves in the bedroom. Most recently, scientists have discovered a hormone known as Oxytocin, which is naturally released in both men and women during orgasm. Oxytocin is unique from other male sexual stimulation aids in that it also aids in bonding between adult partners. OxyCalm, a new product on the market that contains Oxytocin, also helps promote relaxation and improve mood. Taking OxyCalm may help you to maintain healthier interpersonal and emotional relationships with people, which will translate into a more rewarding and satisfying sex life. OxyCalm is ideal for people who are constantly “stressed out”, nervous, shy or introverted. Not only can this new product help you to relax, it is a healthy alternative to both smoking and alcohol, which are often abused by people who are continually trying to take “the edge off.” The potential benefits of this new product for men are even more astounding – this may be the safe solution to the negative effects of stress on male sexuality that many men have been seeking.

In the end, if you find the sources of stress in your life too difficult to overcome, you might consider removing them altogether. Your sexuality is an important component of your healthy lifestyle. Remember that sexual activity is intended to be an enjoyable means of attaining relaxation and fulfillment – if your sex life brings more burdens than benefits, then it is time to make a change. If self-treatment of you high stress level is not feasible, do not hesitate to seek aids for relaxation and intimacy. Attaining mental clarity and physical satisfaction will do wonders for your health and stress level in the future, so act now and begin to enjoy life for the better – both inside the bedroom and out.

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