How to Survive A Blind Date

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Ah, the blind date. We all secretly crave them – like fast food. But we often have one bad experience and won’t touch them again. But have you ever wondered why you back away after one bad experience? What could be better than meeting a steady stream of available babes, most of which have been handpicked by friends who know your likes and dislikes?

And let’s not forget the desperation factor – hers, not yours. If she is willing to go out with you based on a recommendation alone, then she might be willing to go the extra mile at the end of the night. She is trying to impress you, so that you will ask her out again. And if you don’t want to take her out again, then there is no excess baggage to deal with – unless she is your buddy’s sister.

So the real reason you might hate the blind date has nothing to do with the perks, but probably has to do with your survival techniques. Keep reading and learn a few tricks and tips, so you can learn to appreciate the finer things about a blind date.

Stage One – The Invitation to Blind Date

Blind dates occur in one of two ways – either you ask your friends to set you up or they approach you. When they approach you, it usually comes as a result of a friend or coworker coming up to you and saying that they have the ‘perfect’ girl for you. Of course their idea of perfect and yours might not be the same, most of use agree because we are desperate or morbidly curious. A date is arranged, with blind date – meaning you have never seen her picture – being the date of choice. Of course the person setting up the date might impart a few tidbits of info, but blind dates tend to offer little or no information – which is all part of the fun!

Stage Two – Blind Date Preparation

During the prep stage, most guys panic. Maybe you have been out of the game for a while, or maybe you just get stressed out in new situations. Whatever the issue at hand, you need to get those nerves under control. First, make sure she knows what she needs to wear on the date. Being under or over dressed will only add to the anxiety of the night, so make sure you are both on the same page before you head out the door. It is not a breach of protocol to call or email her before you meet for the first time, so you make sure this issue is raised. Second, if you are doing the planning, you might want to find out her likes and dislikes with respect to food and entertainment. You do not want to plan some outrageous first date that you will never be able to replicate again, so choose an activity that you are comfortable with.

Stage Three – What To Expect

Men and women often have totally different expectations when it comes to a blind date. There are a few different types to watch out for:

Biological Clock Watchers: If she is creeping into and beyond her breeding years, then she might be looking for fast husband material.

Making Up For Lost Time: If she is really lonely and desperate, chances are she will be planning future dates with you before you get to the restaurant.

All My Friends Are Married Or In A Relationship: She feels the pressure, so you just became Mr. Right. She might even try to swing you by a club to meet her friends, just so she can show them that she is ‘dating’.

Under The L – Lonely Girl!: The super-lonely chicks are the worst, as they will do, say, and date anything in order to get a boyfriend in the bag. If she starts talking about when you are going to meet her family, keep an eye out for the nearest exit.

Stage Four – The Date

You need to keep a few things in mind when you embark on the date.

1. Remember to have fun! Some people expect a blind date to be an introduction to their future spouse. Lower your expectations, and get to know her before you start making plans for your wedding.

2. Don’t get mad at your friends! Just because they set you up with this person, it does not mean that they will pick a perfect match. The two of you might be the only single people they know!

3. Keep an open mind! She isn’t your last girlfriend; she might be your next girlfriend; and she might be totally not your type. But you are out for one night of good time, so take the opportunity to enjoy something different. Remember – change is good!

4. Suppress your negatives. Off color jokes, politics, bad behavior, etc. You don’t want her telling her friends all about what a slob you are, otherwise they might not offer up another blind date in the future.

5. Kiss her! A goodnight kiss is expected on a blind date, since you already have the ‘bond’ of the friends that introduced you. Sex is okay as well, but if this is one night stand you might want to consider the repercussions from the friend that set you up.

Don’ts – When Setting Up A Female Friend

Avoid setting her up with guys that…

  • Are older, single, and never been married. She might (and should) wonder what’s wrong with him.
  • Still live in their parent’s basement.
  • Are married.
  • Are gay.
  • Are close friends.
  • From different economic or social backgrounds.
  • Are broke.
  • Will make her question what you think of her!
  • Are virgins.

Don’ts – When Setting Up A Male Friend

  • Avoid setting him up with girls that…
  • You secretly or not so secretly want to sleep with.
  • You used to date.
  • Are too slutty.
  • Aren’t slutty enough!
  • Are virgins…mmm…actually, that might be a good thing.
  • Have great personalities.
  • Just got out of a serious relationship – but sometimes that can be a very good thing.
  • Are desperate to marry or get knocked up by anyone.
  • Happen to be your sister – the ugly one!

Final Thoughts

If you have the right frame of mind, you will begin to appreciate the good things about blind dates – girls! What’s wrong with introductions and a little mystery? Yes, you might have to put up with the occasional horror show, but for the most part you should be able to have some faith in your coworkers and score with the occasional friend’s sister!

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