Ten Minute Toning: Date Prep

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Have you skipped your regular Friday afternoon workout in order to get ready for a hot date, only to find yourself nervously killing time around the house in anticipation of the evening’s events? It’s time to think again about how you spend your time prepping for a date. Ten minutes of toning exercise is the best way to kill this idle date prep period in your life. These standard toning exercises can make all the difference to your appearance and demeanor, and the impression you make that evening…

Regular toning exercises are an important part of a man’s workout routine, and should generally be completed 2-3 times per week. Toning of each body area should be completed in rotation, so that you spend one hour a week on your arms and chest, one hour on your legs and butt, one hour on your back and stomach, and so on. If your fast-paced life prevents you from maintaining your regular workout schedule, slow down and take ten minutes to complete the following toning exercises. They work well before a pre-date shower and shave; however, they are also great for whenever you have a few spare minutes around the house.

These standard exercises are easy to do, so throw in your favorite cd and begin! The music will energize your mind and body, and put you in the perfect state of mind for quick, fun workout and (hopefully) a great, late-night date. By the time you enjoy the first three songs, you’ll be singing your way to the shower!

The first set of exercises is intended to target your arms and chest. Strong arms are an important, both physically and psychologically. These are one of the first things that women notice (of course, after your eyes, shoes and butt). If she appreciates your strong and protective arms, chances are she’ll be picturing herself in them later…

Exercise no. 1
The bicep curl. Hold one dumbbell in each arm – if you don’t have any free weights in your house, find some other heavy object that is easy to hold on to. With your feet hip-width apart and your arms at your sides, rotate your arms until the palms are facing away from you. Keeping your elbows at your sides, lift the weight until your forearm is vertical. Alternate arms and try to do 3 reps of 10 in under 2 minutes. Maintain good form and concentrate on isolating the bicep muscle – make it more fun by alternating lifts to the music and practicing your smile in the mirror!

Exercise no. 2
The hammer curl. Sit on a stool, chair, or the edge of the couch. Keep your knees bent, shoulder-width apart. Hold the weights with your palms facing in towards your body. Without rotating the wrist, curl the weight up to the shoulder, lifting straight as the weight were a hammer. Alternate arms and try to do 3 reps of 10.

Exercise no. 3
The clap push-up. Lie face down on the floor, with your hands on the floor next to your shoulders. Keep toes on the floor and push your body up until your arms are extended and your body is straight. Lower body up and down as fast as you can. On the push up from the ground, clap hands together and then place them back on the ground before your body falls back down. Do as many as you can in 2 minutes – trying to coordinate your clapping to the music!

Exercise no. 4
The step-up. This next exercise targets your butt, which you want to look as good as possible in your jeans, cords, or dress pants. Stand behind a bench or step, or at the bottom of a staircase. Alternating your leading leg, step up with both feet, and then back down. Complete as many steps-ups as you can in two minutes, incorporating punches in the air or clapping if you feel confident enough to look away from your feet.

Exercise no. 5
Finally, it’s time to work on that six-pack. Whether you already have one and are hoping to add definition, or you are still working up to a four-pack, these stomach and back strengthening exercises are your best bet. Start your sit-ups by lying on your back, with your hands behind your head. Bend you knees and lift them up so that your lower legs are parallel to the ceiling. Raise you head and shoulders off the floor and lower, without bringing the head all the back down in between reps. Complete as many of these sit-ups as you can in one minute. Alternate the form of your sit-up for the last minute of your workout, by adding a twist and alternating knees to your chest in a cycling motion. Try to lead with your shoulder and point your elbow to the alternate knee.

If you have completed your ten minute toning and still have time to spare, there are some additional pre-date activities you might want to complete. Take a brisk walk or quick run to the corner store and pick up some flowers. Jump rope to the Rocky theme or do 100 jumping jacks. Shine your shoes or manicure your hands and nails.

Find ways to keep your energy level up during the period of pre-date idle time – boredom may result in some poor pre-date decision making. For example, the time you commit to selecting an outfit should not correlate with how much free time you have.

Avoid confusion over fashion decisions that inevitably arise as you digress deeper and deeper into the closet – your first or second garment choice is usually your best bet. Idle time may also contribute to excessive application of hair product.

Take note – having more product in your hair than hair on your head does not make for a good first impression! After all, the idea is for her to run her fingers through your hair, not get them stuck. Also at risk during pre-date down time is the excessive re-application of cologne (as your ability to smell yourself or anything around you is lost).

A good general rule here – take one spray and end it! You’ll be surprised by how much she appreciates a little natural body odour.

To avoid the risk of pre-date boredom and nervousness, focus on completing as thorough a toning session as possible. Keep things simple, including your workout, your outfit and your outlook on the evening. Relax and let the natural energy you gained from your workout exude from your body and all the women you encounter will take special notice of your looks and confidence.

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