Top 10 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

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Everyone wants to be a good lover, right? Well, it doesn’t come naturally for everyone, so it’s important to learn how you can become a good lover. And, in order to find out what a good lover does, you need to know what a good lover should not do! Below are the top 10 mistakes men make in bed. Read on to find out how you can avoid these pitfalls.

Not Shaving Before Sex

One thing I’ve heard men say over and over again is how soft women’s bodies are. Women have soft, smooth skin and bodies and this is one of the many reasons men get so turned on by women. Now, imagine how she feels when she is kissing you or when you are going down on her and you haven’t shaved. Even a day’s worth of facial hair growth can be extremely uncomfortable for her and that can ruin sex altogether. So remember, shave before you get into bed with her or the whole event will be ruined by the rash she develops on her face and legs!

Assuming She’s Going To Swallow

If your partner is giving you a blow job for the first time, you need to know where you are going to ejaculate before it happens. Don’t assume that she is a swallower or that she would enjoy a facial like you’ve seen in some porn movie. Before you cum, warn her that you are about to cum and she what she does. If she keeps sucking on your cock without hesitation, then she might be into swallowing. If she moves away or spits afterward, then that’s something you’ll just have to accept.

Not Knowing How To Undress Yourself

Picture a half naked man – he’s standing there pitching a tent with his boxers on. His shirt is off and he looks pretty good except for one thing: he’s still wearing his socks. While this might not sound like a serious bedroom offence, it is! Ladies absolutely hate it when men get undressed and leave their socks as the last item on their bodies. It looks terrible and the last thing you want her thinking right before you go to bed is that you look terrible!

Trying To Mark Up Her Neck Like You Are Teenagers In Love

Some men think that by giving their partners hickeys they are being romantic. Unless you and your partner are both 12 years old, hickeys aren’t cool. Women don’t like being marked up because it looks cheap and it’s embarrassing when people ask her about the marks on her neck, so avoid this problem in the first place.

Heading Straight For The Love Button

Women like clitoral stimulation during sex. This is very important to being a good lover. But not all women like direct clitoral stimulation because it can be too intense. And, if she’s not ready for it, then any clitoral stimulation can be too intense. Women don’t like it when men reach into their pants and grab hold of their clitoris to start the night off. You should work up to clitoral stimulation – but it shouldn’t be your first move of the evening.

Sticking Anything In Her Bum Without Her Consent

When you are going down on her and she’s enjoying it, you might be tempted to start playing with her anus. You might find that she responds well to touching and rubbing around the anal area. This doesn’t mean that she will respond well to a finger or two being shoved inside her. You need to be sure that she’s okay with any anal play before you begin because it can be a huge turn off.

Jamming Your Fingers Inside Her Unexpectedly

While we’re on the subject of sticking things where they don’t belong, here’s another tip: don’t stick anything into her vagina if she isn’t expecting it. If you’re making out with your partner and then you suddenly jam your fingers down her pants and into her vagina, don’t be surprised if she gets upset. Again, you have to work your way there. If you are giving her oral pleasure, then you can start by rubbing her inner thighs and her labia. Then gently work your way, with one finger only, inside her vagina.

Leaving Her To Sleep In The Wet Spot

No one wants to sleep in the wet spot. That’s just a fact. It’s cold, sticky, and uncomfortable. So don’t just pull your sweaty body off of her, light a cigarette, and then leave her to sleep in the wet spot. Offer to clean it up so that no one has to be stuck sleeping on a pile of love juice all night long.

Coming Too Soon

This is a problem many men have and it’s not always something that can be cured so easily. Nonetheless, it is one of the things that really bothers women. First, women generally take longer to reach orgasm than men do, which means that you will have to time your ejaculation. This may mean you will have to pull out or adjust the speed and depth of your thrusts to make sure she comes along with you.

Rolling Over And Ignoring Her After Sex

This may sound like a cliché but women don’t really like it when men just toss them aside after sex, roll over and start snoring. You need to show her you love her and appreciate her by spending some time holding her or cuddling with her afterward. Even a few minutes of cuddling before you both go to sleep will go a long way in terms of your relationship.

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