Top 20 Things You Should Tell a Woman in Bed

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Men often wonder what they should say to a woman in bed, before, during or after sex. Should you talk dirty? Should you tell her what you’d like in bed? Should you just keep quiet? You’ve waited for it and here it is: The Top 20 Things You Should Tell a Woman in Bed. From the mouths of babes, here are the goods:

It’s more important to me that you come

What else could a woman want to hear? If she knows that you are keen on making sure she reaches orgasm, then you’re already ahead of the game. Experiment with foreplay and different sexual positions to ensure that she gets maximum pleasure.

Your breasts are the perfect size

Just in case you don’t understand the rule of thumb here, if she’s really insecure about her breasts, you shouldn’t fixate on them because she’ll just think you are insincere. But you should always pay attention to her breasts. Caressing them, kissing them, and nibbling on them will get her aroused. Remember: she’s vain and she wants to hear compliments about the perfection of her breasts.

Go slow; it feels so good

This is the perfect thing to say when she’s on top of you. It makes her feel powerful and in control, and it also lets her know how much you are enjoying having her there.

You look amazing in this candlelight

Well, you’ve obviously got to have candlelight to use this one, but if you do, it works wonders for her. She will lose any and all inhibitions if she knows that you think she’s beautiful and sexy.

I can’t believe I get this all to myself

This line will make her feel wanted and special; after all, she could be with a lot of other guys instead of you, and letting her know how appreciated she is, in body and mind, will go a long way in the bedroom.

Your ass looks great from here

Don’t just throw this one out there; use it sparingly when you are both in a particularly randy mood. When you are going at it doggy-style, you can caress her hips and bottom and then use this comment to let her know how turned on you are.

Your skin is so soft and smooth

A perfect remark to use during foreplay, this observation will make her feel sexy and feminine as you caress her entire body with your hands, lips and tongue.

I love going down on you

Use this line as you are moving below the equator or during oral sex. Women love oral sex because of the direct clitoral stimulation involved, making multiple orgasms not only possible, but practically predictable. Guys shouldn’t shy away from going down on their partners, so make sure she knows how much you enjoy it while you are down under.

That felt so great—I can feel my body shuddering

This is a great way to describe how your body feels right after you’ve climaxed, and she’s still lying in your arms. By telling her how it felt, you appear a little vulnerable, and that makes her feel more in control of your pleasure.

Your body is perfect

Women want to hear how beautiful they are, how attractive you find them, and how horny they make you. This is a nice sensual way of telling her that you want to devour her. Wait until you are comfortable together before you start the hard-core dirty talk.

I love it when you’re on top

Again, this comment will make your woman feel sexy, powerful and in control. She will love being on top after you say this, and she will put extra effort into grinding on you while arching her back—not a bad deal for you!

You are such a good lover

Too often, women and men think that it’s up to men to be good in bed, but it takes two to tango, so she should be putting in some effort too. Encourage her by telling her what a good lover she is, and you will reap the rewards.

I’ve been thinking about being inside you all day

If you and your girlfriend are into talking dirty to each other, this is another good way to start. It’s not vulgar, but it gets your point across.

I love you

This might not seem like a phrase particularly suited to bedroom shenanigans, but after an intimate night of making love, telling your partner how much you love them will seem very meaningful to both of you. Just make sure this isn’t the only time you tell her that!

I love it when you ________

Fill in the blank yourself to describe whatever sexual act she may be performing (or not performing) on you. If you like the way she gives head, tell her that and who knows, she may end up giving you head more regularly.

Does that feel good?

Talking to each other in bed is very important because it helps each of you communicate how you are really feeling and what feels good or bad. Encourage her when you like something she’s done, but also take the time to ask her what she likes. When you’re giving her oral sex, don’t just suck and lick; ask her if she likes it so that you know if she’s enjoying herself.

I could lie here forever kissing you

When you are having a romantic moment, either before or after sex, take the time to really kiss her. And that doesn’t mean thrusting your tongue down her throat when you are on top of her. Instead, spend time just kissing each other, and you will be surprised how turned on she gets.

That blowjob felt incredible!

You have to be careful how you compliment her oral sex skills because you don’t want to say, “That was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten” because it draws comparisons between her and whomever else may have gone down on you. So, compliment her oral talent by describing how wonderful that specific blowjob felt.

Go as slow as you like

Many women think that when they go down on men that they have to lick and suck like Hoover vacuums. This isn’t true—men like oral sex that is slow, sultry and tantalizing, not just fast and wet. She won’t know this until you tell her that, so encourage her to savor the moment by taking her time on you.

When I’m inside you, I feel like we’re one person

When you are making love to your partner, there are times when you feel like you can move so deep inside her that you’ve become one person for a moment. Describe this moment to her, and let her know how amazing it feels when you are that deep inside.

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