Top Five Ways to Keep Her Satisfied

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Ask any business owner and they will always tell you the same thing – the key to keeping your customers happy is to make sure they are satisfied. That same logic works in the bedroom as well, and the old saying “the customer comes first” is as important between the sheets as it is in the business world.

We are not saying you should treat the love of your life like a customer in an expensive restaurant, but you do need to take special care of her if you want repeat business. And let’s face it. If she is happy, then you will be happy.

This article will give you the top five ways to ensure your woman has more than one orgasm. Rather than struggling to make sure she comes once, you can use these ideas so that she comes again and again, and then again.


In order to understand how important preparation is to a woman, you need to understand the biology involved. Although women luck out when it comes to the ability to have multiple orgasms and to sustain a heightened level of sexual arousal, men won out in the speed in which they can achieve an erection.

Frequently, men hit their highest state of arousal quickly, while their partner is just getting started. This means that the woman is usually not ready physically (lubrication) or mentally. The trick is to get her started down the right path early, so that she is in a state of arousal when you are ready to have sex.

So if you want to get laid that night, start working your magic early. Here are a few things to be doing:

  • Compliment her: women like to feel desirable, so make sure she knows how much you want her. If you can get her thinking about sex all day long, by the time night rolls around she will be ready to tear your clothes off.
  • Make yourself desirable: stay clean, dress sexy, wear her favorite cologne – anything you do to make yourself sexy will only add fuel to the fire.
  • Stay in touch: Call her at work, send her an email, send flowers, buy her some sexy lingerie and have it delivered to her office – make sure she knows you are thinking about her.

The Set-Up

If you go to all the trouble to get her in this state of arousal, don’t kill it by renting a Disney movie and ordering pizza. If you want her to come over for a romantic meal, make sure she knows you mean romance. You will need to set the house up with fresh flowers, candles in every room, maybe a romantic fire, sexy music, and of course a meal. If you want to try something different, order in Mongolian food and eat with your hands. The key is to make sure she knows she is entering a very sexy place. You are trying to build on what you started early in the day, and now you are just adding more fuel to her fire. Fight off the urge to rip her clothes off.

Top Five Ways to Make Her Come

Now that the preparation is complete, the time to make your move has arrived. The key to ensuring your woman has more than one orgasm is to make sure you sustain that state of sexual arousal. And since men often reach and depart that level more quickly than women, it is important to watch your timing.

#1 Delay your orgasm

A lot of guys move in quickly, come, and then roll over and have a cigarette. Meanwhile, their woman is lying there either unsatisfied or ready to go 5 more rounds. Even if you are still willing to continue satisfying her, she might be less aroused because she knows you had an orgasm. If your aim is not to diminish her pleasure, then you need to consider holding off as long as you can. This will increase your own pleasure while she has more than one orgasm, and will keep her in that heightened state of arousal.

#2 More touching, less intercourse

Even if she says she wants you inside her, you don’t have to cave in right away and oblige her. Your tongue and fingers can be put to good use, as well as any sex toys you might have in your bag of tricks. Plus, the longer you hold off having intercourse, the less likely you are to have an early orgasm.

#3 Find the clitoris

The clitoris is a truly amazing bundle of nerves, located at the top of vagina. Unlike the penis, which builds to a climax, then reverts back to zero – the clitoris can trigger orgasm after orgasm without having to start fresh each time. Learn how to tease every last orgasm out of her clitoris, and don’t be afraid to ask her for guidance. Learning how to work it right will make you both very happy, and ensure she gets the pleasure she needs.

#4 Sex toys

There are many sex toys on the market that promise all sorts of things, but you need to focus on the mechanics of the vagina. Vibration and heat will work great in most cases. Nearly all the nerve sensors for a woman are near the surface of the vagina or in the clitoris, so don’t go and buy the latex fist. Hot oil and mini-egg vibrators will work wonders on any woman, and can be used in conjunction with your hands and mouth.

#5 Talk to her

Some women feel very self conscious about their naked body, while others might feel exposed while you are performing oral sex. Telling her she looks, tastes and smells beautiful will work wonder on her self esteem. Even talking dirty can work wonders, but being silent will probably make her feel uncomfortable. Even if you are normally quiet, don’t be afraid to whisper in her ear how amazing she is.

Final Thoughts

The key to making your woman have multiple orgasms is getting her to that place where she is so aroused that brushing up against a chair might trigger one. If you do your preparation right and learn to give her what she needs, you will have a very happy lady on your hands. And don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes. It may start off as an awkward conversation, but the long-term results will be well worth it.

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