Top Fun Dates For You & Her

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Are you and your girl looking for something fun to do on your next date? Are you tired of the same old thing – dinner, movie, or club? You are not alone. It seems that everyone ends up doing the same old thing and, let’s face it, it gets boring after a while. If you are looking for something different to do on a date, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of a some new date ideas, all guaranteed to provide you with a fun time!

Make A Website Together

In today’s age, almost everyone either knows how to make a website or can figure out how to use website software offered for free some a wide variety of websites such as Xanga or Piczo. If you want to start your own website, it’s pretty cheap – you can buy a domain name for less than $10 if you want. That makes for one cheap date!

You can start by figuring out what you want your website to be about. For example, if you and she have been together for a while, you might want to create a “couple” website that features pictures of the two of you and a blog that details your relationship. That way, if you have friends and relatives that live elsewhere, they can keep track of you guys with a simple click on your website. And, if you’re about to getting married, creating a website together is a great couple activity that is also useful. You can put your invitation on the website along with all the wedding details for everyone who will be there for your big day.

Play Board Games

This might not sound like a very exciting idea, but a night of board games can be one of the most fun nights you will ever have. To make it even better, try a double date. Invite over a buddy and his girlfriend and then break out the games. Try card games and board games and invite your friends to bring over their favorite games too.

If you thrive on competition, make bets to see who will win each game, or, make the games even more exciting by making the loser take off a piece of clothing with each game lost.

If you aren’t sure what kind of games are fun, just look online and read game reviews to find some of the better games out there. Most of the most popular board games around is Settlers of Catan, a German game that is an all-time favorite with young and old alike.

Make A Scrapbook

This idea is similar to the website date, but with this date, you grab your digital camera and get outside. Walk around your community and take pictures of each other in different places. Try to get pictures of quirky things your community has to show. Make it an afternoon by stopping for a bite to eat or a drink.

Then, when the picture-snapping is over, you can go back to your place and upload the pictures to your computer. Go through the pictures together and find the best ones. Print them out and get out a new scrapbook. You can choose a theme for the book and then start scrapbooking!

If you don’t have any creative ideas as to how to arrange the photos or make the scrapbook unique, look online for ideas. There are a multitude of scrapbooking websites that are full of great ideas. Alternatively, you can just get a nice photo album and arrange the photographs in there too. Then, pull out the album or scrapbook on a rainy day when you are bored and it will bring back all the good memories.

Go To Garage Sales

The best time to go to garage sales is when you aren’t actually looking for anything. That way, anything good you find will be a treasure that you hadn’t expected in the first place. Buy a local newspaper on a Saturday and check out the classified section. It will be full of garage sale listings. Find a bunch that are close together so that you can park your car and walk a few blocks to the sales.

To make it more fun, you and your girlfriend can make a contest out of the whole thing. Try to find the best looking outfit for under $20 and then when you get back from your day of looking for sales, you can try on your “new” outfits and wear them out to dinner.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City

If you think you are bored with your city, then it’s time to see it through the eyes of a tourist. Pack a lunch for two and grab your camera as you head out to visit areas of the city that you’ve forgotten all about or have never discovered in the first place. When you get hungry, find a cozy park and have a picnic lunch. Then, keep exploring – you can window shop, discover river pathways, and grab a snack at a mom & pop restaurant that you’ve never visited before.

The fun part about this date is that you and your date will be surprised by all the new things you can find in the city you’ve been living in for all this time. It will make the city seem new and exciting to you and is a great way to spend the day with a date.


This brief list of articles shows how simple it is to turn a boring date into a fun and exciting one. All you need is a little imagination and you can have a great date for almost next to no money at all. Forget the tired old dinner & a movie – instead, try something new and see how you partner responds.

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