Top Toys for the Bedroom

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Why should you bother stocking your bedroom with sex toys and other sexually stimulating accessories? There are a million reasons…well, maybe not a million, but there are several good reasons that will make you look like a god in your girlfriend’s eyes.

Sex toys (and I’m including lubricant, massage oils etc. in this category), are relaxing, help to fulfill fantasies, can help her reach orgasm if she’s trouble reaching it just through you penetrating her, provide a new source of fun and pleasurable sensations that can spice up your sex life, and most importantly, they feel really good.

There are a few different categories of sex toys—lubricants, oils and the like; vibrators and dildos; and swings, blow-up dolls and other kinky stuff. Let’s see what the average guy needs to spice up his bedroom and surprise his girlfriend.

Foreplay toys

Massage oils and chocolate body paints are good foreplay sex toys that can slowly introduce you and your girlfriend to the world of sex toys. Remember, sex doesn’t have to take place in the dark using a sheet with a hole cut into it. Make it interesting for you and especially her—after all, chances are it takes a little longer for her to reach orgasm while you’d come no matter what. Treating her to some extra loving before the loving will only earn you brownie points in her books.

You should visit a sex store and buy some quality oils and lubricants. Don’t go for that cheap stuff that street kids use to get it on. For an oil, spring for the kind that heats up when you blow on it—rub it into her back (or wherever) and blow gently. She’ll feel a warming glow that is bound to get her excited. Remember that massage oils and lubricants are different things—ask the sales clerk for advice—that’s why they are there.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Oils and creams don’t have to be strictly for the lady in your life. Buy some Happy Penis Massage Cream to go with your heating oils. Available in a few different flavours, this cream makes hand jobs, blow jobs and masturbation slick and fun.

Getting it on

Vibrators and dildos are great toys to buy your girlfriend (or yourself if you are into it). But, these sorts of toys are really something that you and one other person use together. It’s not cool to take home some girl you’ve at a bar and as you are getting undressed, open the drawer of your night table to show her your “collection.” Even if you clean them regularly (which you should!) she will still be turned off thinking about where these toys might possibly have been and with whom. No sharing toys, please. Having said that, if you are with one person, chances are she’ll be more than willing to try out some new toys with you.

Avoid the mammoth-sized vibrators and dildos, however. Those that would fit an elephant are bound to be both painful and intimidating. Instead, get something like the “Hitachi Magic Wand,” which is perfect for clitoral stimulation. Spring for the attachment and you will also be able to stimulate her G-Spot. Keep in mind that the “Magic Wand” is a plug-in toy, so your mobility will be limited. Another great one to get is the Fukuoko 9000. This slips over your finger and is great for clitoral stimulation while you and her are having sex.

Don’t worry guys—there are also toys designed with you in mind. There’s the cock ring, of course, which will keep you hard and adds pressure to the base of your penis. For prostrate stimulation, you will have to try out anal beads or a dildo. The “Buddy” is designed for anal use in such a way that it won’t be able to accidentally slip too far inside you. There’s also the “Jac-Off” textured pad that you place in your hand for masturbation.

Kinky stuff

If creams and cock rings aren’t wild enough for you, don’t despair. There are kinkier ways of spicing up your sex life and showing her that you are up for anything.

There are harnesses designed to be worn over the hips with a dildo attached so that she can penetrate you. Put the power in her hands for a change by allowing her to use this toy on you. Of course, don’t forget the Astroglide. For some added mystery, buy hand cuffs (don’t lose the key!) and a blindfold.

And for those of you with a basement room that you want to turn into a sex dungeon, you must invest in some sex furniture (unless you don’t care that your friends and family notices the swing in your bedroom). There’s the “Universal Sex Stand” that doesn’t require you to strap it to the ceiling. Then there’s the “Spinning Sex Swing.” Check out for more details and pricing on these items.

If you are single and still want to partake in the pleasures of sexual intimacy, you might want to check out the world of sex dolls. They come in a variety of styles and prices so you might want to shop around a bit first. From the “Julian Rock Hard Doll” to the “College Co-ed Doll,” you don’t have to be alone anymore.

Of course, when all your fun is over, don’t forget to clean up your toys when you are done playing with them. Depending on what your toys are made of, there are different techniques for cleaning.

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