Tricks And Treats: Halloween Sex How-To

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What’s more fun than getting dressed up in a funny, controversial, or kinky outfit and running around town, drinking and dancing with your friends? Very little. Halloween is the only day of the year that truly inspires and allows grown ups to act like children, men to act like women, and women – if you are lucky – to act like nurses and french maids. But the best day for trick or treating is known to be the best day for tricks and treats in the bedroom as well! True fans of Halloween know that nothing beats a dress up night in the bedroom. So plan to continue all of your fright night activities with a sexy woman well into All Hallows Eve, because this night only comes around once a year!

What makes Halloween so sexy? Almost everything! Getting dressed up, wearing makeup, pretending that you are someone else, roaming around the neighborhood running into strangers and asking for sweets – it’s an exhilarating experience! But how can you harness all of this excitement into one night of sexual exhilaration? It’s easy, you just need to make a few preparations in advance.

First of all, you will need a date. If there are no current sexy prospects on the horizon – no need to worry. Halloween is the most popular hook-up night of the year, so if you are planning to attend a party or visit a bar, chances are your prospects will increase significantly before the end of the evening. In order to increase your opportunity to meet some fantastic Halloween babes, you will want to don a most impressive and sexually inspiring outfit as possible.

Zorro, for example, is sexy. Sponge Bob – not so much. Just remember that sexy does not just have to mean glamorous, handsome or powerful. A funny, smart and witty costume can be just as attractive to women as a tight, shiny Superman costume. If you put some original thought and effort into your costume, women will take notice and be inspired to approach you. So use your imagination! Surprisingly, women can even be attracted to cross-gendered costumes. If you think you might make a really hot cheerleader, she will too! Or in the very least, she will appreciate your courage to be seen in public with pom poms and a miniskirt.

Your preparations for a night of haunting Halloween sex should extend beyond your costume as well. Plan to clean up your bedroom or house, have some candles and candy on hand, and even prepare some scary, sexy music for the end of the night. Remember that if you are planning for a night of wild sexual abandon with a woman, this is perhaps the most appropriate night of the year. Plan to have toys, games and all the necessary protection ready – maybe not waiting out on the bed, but not far from it!

In order to set the stage for the night, you will also want to plan some tricks and treats to kick things off! Maybe you want to encourage her to role play in her costume to start – the thought of being someone else for the evening will likely inspire some very kinky thoughts and actions on her part. As you act out your respective roles, play games that will break the ice and heat things up – say bobbing for apples or candy in a bucket, hot tub, or even better – her cleavage!

If you want to continue the role playing game well into the night, try to think of games that might inspire her to play up her role. Combine a dancing game with a drinking game, cards, or a simple game of dare. Making her dance around your house alone in her costume (or even better – without), while you watch is an excellent idea. If you really need some help getting things started, take an old board game and change the rules in include dares, dances and of course, sexual favors!

If you think your woman might be in a more relaxed mood and not so much into games, plan to have some scary videos on hand. A good old fashioned horror movie at the end of the night will be the perfect transition into the rest of the evening – just make sure that it’s a really scary movie and she’ll want to sit very, very close to you… If you think she is into a more adventurous Halloween night of adventure, maybe introduce some Halloween inspired soft porn. Chances are, after watching people role-playing in costumes all night long, she will already be in the mood, but if not – this video will ensure it!

When the time comes to begin your night of spooky sexual adventure, try to use your imagination. Think of “Tricks and Treats” that will keep her on the edge of her seat – maybe tease her all over her body with the feather from your cowboy hat, or put a mask and silk robe on while you undress her and slowly get her in the mood. Melt some chocolate and ask her where she wants it – hopefully, she’ll get the message, embrace your enthusiasm, and come up with some tricks and treats of her own! If she seems really into it, you can try to introduce some toys and props into the adventure as well. If there was ever a night she might try something new and racy, it will be after a sexy night of Halloween dress up, so make the most of it!

If you are really lucky, your night of wild Halloween sex will begin even before you return home. Maybe you and your women are inspired to start some tricks and treats in the quiet corner of the bar or house party, or if you are even more in the mood – outside on the porch, or on the grass, or wherever the younger trick and treaters are not!

Halloween is a day and night of great opportunity, so plan ahead and make this year’s dark day one that will go down in Halloween history. Speaking of going down, it’s almost impossible in a superman suit! So make sure whatever costume you sport, it is one that it is “open” to all the possibilities that the evening might bring. After all, you never know when a sexy nurse or maid might want to go bobbing for your halloween “apples”…

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