How To Turn Yourself On: Discovering Your Own Erogenous Zones

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When you read the title of this article, “How to Turn Yourself On”, you probably laughed and thought there’s nothing I could tell you about turning yourself on that you don’t already know. After all, you’ve been turning yourself on since about age 12, right? Well, maybe you want to upgrade from adolescent porn magazines to other more mature ways of turning yourself on.

Learning how to discover your own erogenous zones (those areas of your body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation) is a great way to discover the ultimate in sexual stimulation, and believe it or not, your penis isn’t the only erogenous zone you have!

Your Ears

Your ears are erogenous zones for more than one reason. First, they allow you to hear the dirty talk that your girlfriend is whispering in your ear while pinching your nipples and fondling your sack. They act as an additional source of sexual stimulation in addition to any physical touching by allowing you to hear the sounds of pleasure produced by you or your girlfriend. In order to practice “having sex” using your ears, put in a porn tape, close your eyes so you can’t see anything on the screen and just listen to the sounds. You will be surprised at how much of a turn-on just listening to sex can be!

Second, your ears are a collection of many nerves that don’t often get explored. While having sex, you may have licked your girlfriend’s earlobes and slipped your tongue into her ear. Let her try that on you next time and you’ll be amazed at the tingling sensations that travel down your entire body.

Your Toes

Too many people are afraid to get up close and personal with toes, but there’s no reason to be afraid! In order to discover your toes as sources of sexual stimulation, you should first take care of them so that when you are in bed with your partner and suggest that she explore your toes with her tongue, she isn’t repulsed. A great way to do this is to take a bath together as part of your foreplay. Light some candles and sprinkle rose petals in and around the tub so that the mood for romance is set.

When you are back in the bedroom, you can start by sucking her toes so that she gets the idea of how erogenous toe sucking and massaging can be. When it is your turn, close your eyes and ignore everything else and just feel the sensations produced by your toes alone.

Your Nipples

When you think of nipples, you probably don’t think of your own as being a huge turn on, and instead envisage her erect nipples shining through a tight white t-shirt. Well, it’s time you discovered the pleasure of your own nipples too. Did you know that some men can boast the ability to ejaculate based on stimulation of only their nipples? If you haven’t ever explored the pleasure of your own nipples, then it’s time to start!

A good way to start is by allowing your girlfriend to nibble and suck on them just like you would with hers. If you’ve got an incredibly hairy chest, you may want to consider waxing because the hair may prevent her from getting to play with your nipples. During sex, let her squeeze and bite them – in fact, you should encourage her to squeeze and bite them!

Your Lips

In order to fully appreciate the erotic nature of your own lips, you will need a partner. It seems obvious, but the lips are often ignored during sex and foreplay. Kissing is just one way to explore the lips; you should also have her nibble them, lick them, caress them and suck on them.

Your Buttocks

Have you ever gotten a bum massage? If you haven’t, then you don’t know the pleasure you are missing out on! The bum is a male erogenous zone, and to enjoy massages and bum stimulation does not mean that you are gay! The bum is a big muscle that produces pleasure from massaging just as back massage would, except better, because the male bum is often neglected.

Your partner should get some massage oil and warm some in her hand before applying it to your bum. If she doesn’t know what to do, then you should start by taking the oil and massaging her bum. The more oil the better because it will run into your bum crevices creating even more pleasure. As she starts to massage, you will feel pleasure coursing throughout your entire body. When it’s your turn, don’t be afraid to let your fingers graze inside her bum crack, and she will take direction from your actions.

Your Perineum

Your perineum is the ultimate erogenous zone in the male body, located between the anus and the scrotum. It, like the female g-spot, can bring loads of pleasure just through a simple touch. The tricky part is getting there, since most heterosexual men are afraid to let anyone near their anus, much less inside of it.

Your girlfriend should try to stimulate your perineum carefully and slowly, using lots of lubrication. In order for her to fully explore this area of your body, you should relax, close your eyes and simply allow yourself to feel all the new sensations that are being produced by her actions.

You may have noticed that the penis isn’t listed here as an erogenous zone. Of course, the penis is erogenous, but I assume you have discovered the pleasures of the penis already. You may not, however, have discovered all of your other male erogenous zones, each unique in character and able to bring new feelings of pleasure to your body. This is particularly useful when you and your girlfriend find yourselves stuck in the same rut when it comes to sex. Being able to introduce new moves into your sexual repertoire will excite both of you!

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