How To Turn Your Silly Crush Into A Sexy Reality

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It’s a fact – there are beautiful women everywhere. But if you see one woman that you think might be more to you than a passing fancy on the street, or in the grocery store, coffee shop or gym, what are you going to do about it? You have seen this special woman often enough that it’s time to admit it – you have quite a silly crush on her. Don’t be ashamed of this reality – crushes are a part of everyone’s life, and they are not just for teenagers. But if you find yourself leaving the house everyday with the secret desire to run into her, then it’s time to try to turn that silly crush into a sexy reality. Sure, the very thought of speaking to her incites feelings of fear and intimidation, but that’s the best part of having a crush and then acting on it – the adrenaline. There are only a few simple rules associated with turning your crush into a reality that you must follow, and in no time at all the woman who was once just a sexy stranger, will become a sexy reality. Oh boy!!

First things first, the type of approach that you use to actualize your silly crush will depend on the context of your contact with her. For example, the woman who lives down the street (who you spy on as she checks her mailbox everyday), will require a somewhat different approach than the woman who you see every so often at the coffee shop. Similarly, the sexy lady who shops in produce as regularly as you do might require a more diplomatic approach than the woman in the elevator who works two floors down in your office building. The key to understanding how to approach the object of your sexy crush depends on the common bond that you share, if any. As women see it, there are generally two categories of strangers – there is the complete stranger, and there is the stranger next door. The complete stranger is the one that you pass on the street, or that you recognize from strictly public encounters. The stranger next door is the woman that you share some commonality with, no matter how weak it might be. This is the woman who works in your building, or who lives next door. The primary distinction between these types of strangers is the potential for trust. A woman will naturally feel more comfortable being approached by a professional who works in the same environment as her, or who she regularly sees with other people like herself. On the other hand, most women will be more apprehensive being approached by just “some guy” on the street. Not to worry, there is a safe way to approach each of these types of sexy strangers, just be patient…

If you have a silly crush on a woman who falls into the complete stranger category, than your first goal is to make her less of one! The objective here is to initiate contact or communication, no matter how fleeting it might be. For example, everytime you see her you should secure eye contact and say good morning, or hello. This makes your shared public space, whether it be the street corner or coffee shop, somewhat more intimate and personal. Once you have taken some time to initialize contact, it is time to work on a shared bond with your silly crush. Be creative here – and pick something, anything, that you might have in common. Whatever the reason you find to talk to her, no matter how silly it might seem… use it! And try to be funny about it, no woman can resist a man who makes her laugh. Once you have put some time into turning your crush on a complete stranger into more of a stranger next door, than your potential for the pick-up approach will have expanded significantly.

When it comes to turning your silly crush into a sexy reality, there are a few other ground rules to follow. First of all, you must establish that she is both single and interested in you. Watch her body language – is she quick to make eye contact with you and smile? When it comes to establishing her single status, you will likely need to be more direct. Instead of asking if she is available, however, you might ask why you never see her with her boyfriend. Of course, you are hoping for the response that she does not have one! When you approach her remember not to come on too strong or scare her off. Keep a respectful distance and avoid touching at this point. If you are able to engage her in conversation, and establish her availability, then it is time to try and arrange a date. Of course, it will be safer if you refer to it in a more casual manner – say “for coffee.” Remember that you are still a relative stranger, so you should suggest a neutral meeting place. Inviting her to your place will not go over well. Also, assuming that she will want you to pick her up for the date is inappropriate. Pick a neutral place to meet, and work on your shared bond. Once you earn her trust over coffee, then you can move on to more ambitious plans.

It’s almost time, you’re almost ready for… the swoop. First of all, in order to realize your sexy future with the object of your silly crush you will likely need to arrange a “night-time” date – dinner or a movie, or even bowling. Again, it is important to establish your interest in her without coming off as desperate. If you feel like she has a good sense of humour and shares the same interest in you, you might even let her in on your “silly crush.” Also, plan to flatter her and tell her how happy you are to just spend time with her. You don’t want her to think that you are only interested in sex, even if it is true!

Ideally, you would like your sexy date to make the first move of the evening. You can help get her in the mood by keeping things romantic and intimate. Allow her to open up and ask her personal questions about herself if she seems comfortable answering them. This is where a little wine or champagne can also come in handy… If you feel like she is too shy to initiate a sexy end to your date, then take things upon yourself, but remember to take them slowly. Hold her hand, touch her arms or shoulders, or run your fingers through her hair. When it comes to sealing the deal, remember that you and your silly crush were complete strangers until not too long ago. If you really like her, the feelings of fear and intimidation should still be there. Some people call it butterflies in your stomach, but let’s call it what it really is… pure adrenaline. You did it, she’s your… your silly crush has become a sexy reality. So make the most of it, don’t be afraid to stretch out the enjoyment of your sexy feelings for her as long as they last. You never know when the next opportunity to crush on someone will come along. Hmmm, there goes that sexy neighbour to her mailbox again…

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