Using Sexual Tension to Seduce the Girl at the Office

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Is there a hot girl at your office that you’ve been fantasizing about? Have the two of you been eyeing each other? Do you think there’s some sexual tension brewing between you and her? It’s time that you learned how to use sexual tension to your advantage in order to seduce the girl at the office.

Sexual Tension at the Office

Sexual tension—perhaps you’ve experienced it, but still don’t quite know how to describe it. When it has happened, it’s been fun and exciting, but without explanation, it can disappear quickly. Is it possible to create sexual tension? Of course it is! A bit of flirting, a noticeable glance at her assets, a bawdy joke and the ability to walk away from her without a glance backwards will all contribute to the level of sexual tension in the office.

Basically, sexual tension is that feeling that exists between two people who are mutually attracted to each other, but may not understand why this attraction exists or how they are going to deal with it. But before you can start building on sexual tension, there has to be some sort of attraction between you and her in the first place. However, the clue to being skilled at seduction is being able to create a sense of attraction quickly. Too many men wait for the girl to make a move. You should already be anticipating the next move before you meet her.

Being able to pick up on and build on sexual attraction also means that you are going to have to pay attention to clues that may indicate she’s interested in you. For example, a girl who is interested in someone she works with may show signs of being interested, but isn’t foreword about it. So, instead of being a voracious flirter, she may just make a significant amount of eye contact with you during a board meeting, or choose to sit beside you when other chairs around the table are empty. In other cases, she may not want anything to do with you—a sort of reverse sexual attraction—but this isn’t a bad thing. She might just enjoy playing hard to get, and the idea that she isn’t attracted to you, will make the chase that much more exhilarating. Plus, some of the most passionate relationships begin with the woman hating the man, but hate can lead to passion.

Building on Sexual Tension

Once you’ve identified an attraction between you and someone at your office, it’s time to build on that attraction by using sexual tension to your advantage. First rule of the game is to remember that tension isn’t a bad thing. In fact, sexual tension at work can be an excellent way to get with the hot office chick. Sometimes women like a challenge, and conquering a confident guy who can both arouse and anger her is an attractive task.

When you run into the hot office girl at the water cooler, don’t fall all over yourself trying to be “cool.” She’ll think you’re an insecure loser. Instead, continue your conversation with another colleague and pretend you didn’t even notice her. If she stops to chat as well, you can tease her gently, to show her that you are in control. Don’t make fun of her, but make a joke at her expense that she can also laugh at. It will get her thinking about you the rest of the day as she imagines what your next meeting will be like.

Use Your Eyes

When you pass her in the hallway or meet her in the elevator, make sure that you maintain eye contact with her. Too often, people shy away from making prolonged eye contact with another person. Let her feel your confidence as you maintain eye contact with you, forcing her to look away. She will probably blush thinking about the way you looked at her, and will begin to wonder what you are all about—do you like her or do you hate her?

Play with Her Mind

Another good way to spark interest in a woman at work is to make casual remarks about her or her behavior that she could interpret in a number of ways. For example, if you overhear her complaining to a friend about her inability to meet a good man, joke that she’s not looking in the right places. Or, if she’s raving about going on a date with someone, make a joke that suggests that she’s just trying to make you jealous. Little comments like this will have her wondering whether you are attracted to her or just making fun of her. Either way, you will be in her thoughts until she figures it out.

Moving in for the Kill

At some point, the sexual tension between you and her will either climax (with an intimate moment) or it will backfire on you. In the desired scenario, you will have built up the sexual tension between the two of you to such a point that leaving you alone with her in an elevator will probably result in some form of physical contact. She may not be able to control herself around you, and may move in for a kiss or more.

When this happens, don’t turn back into that puppy-dog guy who just wants to get laid by a beautiful woman. Instead, when the elevator door opens, wish her well and go home…alone. She will be even more intrigued by you, and you will probably notice her wearing sexy outfits to work, anything to get your attention. Ignore her wiles and continue to build the tension until it erupts and you get her into bed.

Of course, there may be consequences to creating sexual tension at work and in seducing a girl from the office. For one, going to work will be a hell of a lot more fun for you and her. And, if you do end up getting physical with her and things don’t work out, you may have to deal with that drama at work. And if your co-workers and boss find out, the office environment may become less professional. If those are chances you are willing to take, by all means, raise the sexual tension at your office and seduce the girl you’ve been eyeing up all year!

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