Valentine’s Day… For One or Two

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What is dubbed the most romantic day of the year—St. Valentine’s Day—is just around the corner, and whether or not you are planning on spending it with someone special, make the most of it. If you’ve got a girlfriend, you have to figure out what you’re going to buy her for Valentine’s Day, and if you’re spending it alone, you’ve got to think of something to do other than just sit in your apartment alone watching some cheap porn on the TV.

What to buy her

valentines-day-sexualitySo you want to get your girlfriend something that goes beyond the traditional dozen roses (that cost five times as much as they do the day after Valentine’s Day) and that heart-shaped box of chocolates. Just be creative and think of things that don’t necessarily scream Valentine’s Day.

There is no rule that says whatever you buy her must be pink, red, or in the shape of a heart. Get her something she’d really like or something that would really surprise her. Obviously you should take the degree of commitment of your relationship into account—probably not smart to get her a ring if Valentine’s Day is only your third date!

Here are some ideas:

Reading material – A good gift for someone you just started dating or someone you’ve been with for a while—a magazine subscription. Order her a year’s worth of her favorite magazine with a romantic card that tells her you wanted to get her something that would last much longer than just one night. It’s practical yet also shows that you know enough about her to be able to choose a magazine that she will like to read all year long.

No favorite magazine? Then get her an erotic bath book! With waterproof pages, this book will allow the two of you to explore its various suggestions with pleasure. Check out for more details.

Hi-tech toys – If money is no object for you, think about getting her the latest in technological gadgets. Boys aren’t the only ones who like the latest in technology. Spring for that digital camera that she’s been talking about—after all, it will only benefit the both of you. Think: zoom lens plus naked girlfriend equals? Lots of naughty fun! Or if it’s something the two of you have been talking about getting, splurge for a video camera and don’t let this end up being another Paris Hilton night vision nightmare. Another great idea is a cell phone with a one or two year contract on it…with you footing the bills. Or if audio is her thing, get a new stereo installed in her car or a powerful new mini-stereo for her place.

A night on the town – If books or gadgets seem a little too impersonal for you, then go with something romantic like a night out for dinner, dancing and then your own hotel room with a hot tub. Pick an up-scale restaurant and trendy bar that neither of you has been to before and make reservations well ahead of time. Book a room in a posh hotel and pretend you’re discovering another city for one night. Or for a more secluded night, rent a cabin outside of the city—make sure it’s got a hot tub though! Bring along your own food and several bottles of wine for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

For those going it alone…

If you don’t have anyone special to spend the 14th with, don’t despair. Just think of all the money you’ll be saving that you can spend on yourself instead.

Here are a few ideas for you:

Party – Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party where only single people are invited and no one is allowed to bring a date. Get some appetizers, a few dance CDs, and some Jello shooters and you are set. Invite all your single buddies and ask your female friends to invite their single girlfriends so that there will be a little excitement at the party. Don’t have enough room in your place for a party? Then go out to one. Someone you know is bound to be having a party and, chances are you won’t be the only single person there.

Treat yourself – Like I said, while your friends are stuck spending their pay cheques on gifts for their girlfriends, you have the opportunity to splurge on something you’ve always wanted without the hassle of feeling guilty. Buy that new bike, camera or stereo. After all, everyone else is getting something, why shouldn’t you?

Get dirty – Do something completely different and go to a sex club. Convince your closest female friend to go with you to a swinger’s club and check out the naughty side of Valentine’s Day. Bring some condoms, make sure you waxed your back hair, and join in an orgy. Even if you don’t participate, at least you weren’t stuck at home alone eating mac & cheese!

Poker night – Invite some buddies over and have a man’s night of poker, pizza, cigars and beer. If some single ladies happen to stop by and want to join you in a game of strip poker, all the better. If not, at least you and your boys will have a good time.

There are a million other ways to spend Valentine’s Day alone, so just do whatever makes you happy. If that happens to be watching cheap porn on the telly while eating leftovers, then more power to you!

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