Wanna Go For A Ride? Know When To Say No

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She’s the girl all the other girls in town resent. She’s the girl all the guys tell stories about in the locker room. She’s easy and available to go for a ride. It seems like any man could have her on any given night – including you. Some like to call her the “town bike” – and not because she is the most avid cyclist in the area. So should you join in the fun with the questionable lady, or pass on the free ride to sexual pleasure? When it comes to getting personal with the most sexually personable woman around, do you know when to say no?

No woman wants to be known for her sexual reputation. But let’s face it, for some women (and men also…) it’s simply too late. A bad reputation is hard to break, hence the most common use of labels such as slut, whore, tramp, and everyone’s favorite mode of transportation – the town bike. We all know at least one of these women – her reputation as “easy” is so well worn in everyone’s memory that she may as well wear a scarlet letter on her sleeve. So how do you decide if this sexually scorned woman is worth your time? Does the defense that “everyone else is doing it” (in this case “doing her”) justify a quick ride? In order to make this decision, there are several things that you must first consider.

As you take the time to decide if you will in fact “go for it” with this woman, assess what her motivations really are. For example, some women are sexually active for the same reason as most men – they enjoy sexual pleasure, a lot. This type of woman is hopefully responsible about her active sexual lifestyle, and takes the necessary precautions with respect to pregnancy and transmitted disease. There are other sexy women out there, unfortunately, who make a habit out of one night stands because they are desperately seeking company or affection. This is a dangerous woman – beware! While it may seem ridiculous to you, there are plenty of girls out there who engage in casual sex strictly in the hope (or expectation) that the rendezvous will lead into a longer term relationship. While the “town bike” may seem very casual about sex at first, in fact the very opposite might be true. There is always the risk that she looking to trap a frisky young gentleman (such as yourself) into staying with her, and what better way to do this than by the dreaded “accident” – oops!

Getting as much background information on the lady in question is never a bad idea. The next time the topic arises, you might ask your friends (as non-chalantly as possible of course!) whether their experience with her was truly a one night stand, or if it dragged out? Did she lov’em and leav’em as most would hope and expect, or did she drag the affair out and pester them with phone call or messages? Is she as crazy as all the other girls say, or is she just plain old crazy for sex? If your buddies are mature and responsible about their casual sex relationships, they should be fairly open with you.

Unfortunately, there is also a down side to having all your friends know a woman just as intimately as you do… sloppy seconds anyone? The fact is, sharing a woman amongst male friends can start a dangerous precedent, or a pattern of sexual behavior that is difficult to break. In some cases, once a group of men have shared one female companion, all other potential partners are sometimes thought of as shared prey. So what happens when you bring a girl around your friends that you really care about and want to carry on a monogamous relationship with? Will you then have to watch as your friends proceed to woo her with all of their charms in an attempt to lure her away from you? Sounds painful, and it very well could be. Of course, the situation depends on the type of friendship that you all share, but the risk is very real that sloppy seconds may become a bad habit amongst the group.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to deciding about your ride on the town bike is your own reputation. Most women consider men who frequent disreputable woman to be the lowest of the low. While this is strictly their impression and opinion, you must consider that it could have some bearing on a future relationship that you might have. When the next girl that you fall for suddenly starts asking you a million questions about the time you spent with the easiest girl in town, you may find it difficult to reassure her. Even if you practiced the utmost discretion and only told one buddy, and were sure she was going to only do the same, remember that you hardly even know this girl and can never really be sure what she is capable of. Maybe she waits until you meet someone important before she starts calling you up… remember this girl is likely more lonely than you might expect, ad may act out because of it.

The best advice when it comes to your potential rendezvous with a woman who is widely known to be the town bike is this – use discretion and play safe. This woman wants to be respected as much as any other. So don’t bombard her with questions about how many men she has been with, or which one of your friends is the biggest or longest. When it comes to spending time with a woman of this sort, focus on getting busy – not chatty.

Ultimately, the less people who know about your pleasurable encounter with the bike the better. If you have weighed the options and a quick ride to pleasure seems like a harmless indulgence, then by all means… enjoy. But if you are worried about any potentially negative consequences, then choose a cold shower followed by a cold beer with your buddies. How much are you really going to miss out on in the end? Nothing you can’t hear about in the shower from the next guy over, and the guy next to him, and to him…

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