Water Fun: Keep Active with Summer Water Sports

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Summer is the best time for fun in the sun, fun in the water and getting in shape. But these days there are so many different things to do when you go to the beach that you barely have any time left to check out the latest in thong-wear.

So this week we’ve checked out some of the best activities to do in the water when you get to the beach, so you will have plenty of time to check out the ladies when you come out of the water. Now get ready to hit the waves…

Top Nine Water Sports


Windsurfing is a riot, and does not require a lot of skill, but it does require a willingness to learn. So if you can handle falling down about 3,000 times before you get your balance right, then this may be the sport for you. You can windsurf on practically any type of open water, but the most fun comes when you get good enough to wave jump.

Another important factor: if you stick with this sport long enough, you will be rewarded with the chest and shoulders of a Greek God!

Kite Surfing

Relatively new, this sport combines water-skiing, windsurfing and kite flying and a bunch of over things. This sport requires patience, skill, and some muscle. The speed can be crazy, plus you are actually pulled up pretty high into the air. You can use a board or skis, plus the giant kite. They are easier to cart around, since the kite collapses into a reasonably small bag. This means you don’t need to go buy a crazy hippie van.

Good news again! If you keep doing this sport long enough, you will rewarded with a stronger, more toned upper body. By the way, you can even do this sport in the winter on a snowy field or frozen lake. But, you may need something warmer than your banana-holder.


This has been around a long time, but has been making a come back in recent years. All you need is a shoreline – preferably one with big surf – and a board. You run toward the board, jump on it, and then hydroplane across the watery sand. It is a lot of fun, a great cardio workout, and keeps you close to the beach (wink-wink).

Caution! Make sure you practice a lot! If you don’t have enough water under your board, you may do an embarrassing – and possibly painful – face plant into the sand.


Dubbed as a hybrid of water-skiing and surfing, Wakeboarding is pure insanity. You have a board, a fast boat, and water. Then you go really fast and start doing flips, jumps, and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Wakeboarding is doing to water-skiing what snowboards have done to downhill skiing.

We suggest a slow start for this sport, on relatively calm waters. But if you are a crazy freak, then head out to the choppy waters, or try wake hopping behind a large boat.


Ah surfing…where would the state of California and the Beach Boys be with out it? Surfing is a lot of fun, and requires a minimal investment as a beginner. However, you do need rather large ocean-sized waves in order to do it properly. If surfing has any major drawback, it has to be that it can get a little crowded on beaches that are popular.

Too make matters worse, most surfers do not like newcomers coming in and getting in their way – not unlike hardcore downhill skiers getting angry at beginners who spoil a good run or screw up the T-bar lift.


This is really a version of surfing, but one that can be done in more places for a lot less money. You use a ‘boogie board’, or half-board, then ride the wave into the beach like a surfboard. Bodyboarders tend to ride in some pretty nasty water, which usually translates into bigger waves.

The only downside is you are usually very close to the beach, so it is very easy to get smashed into the sand repeatedly when you fall into a wave. Still, it is a lot of fun.


The classic sport, enjoyed by young and old, male and female. You do require a boat, but there are now water-skiing parks that have an automated tow system that can take you around a man-made or real lake. These days, trick skiing is all the rage. Trick skis are shorter, and can be used to perform a plethora of crazy stunts.

However, for the beginners out there, stick to the traditional skis and a slow speed. Save your bare-footing antics until you have done this a while.

Jet Skiing (AKA personal watercraft)

Jet ski’s are relatively new, and they are usually greeted with mixed emotions when they descend on a beach area. Most take them out and drive really fast, and then jump waves or wakes. They are also used in tandem with surfers, so that surfers can ride waves that would normally be inaccessible.

You may not get the same workout that you would with a boarding sport, but they are a lot of fun.


This sport has become extremely popular in recent years, with the advent of sea kayaking. The equipment can be expensive, so you may want to rent before you buy. Whitewater kayaking is a total rush, but requires some serious training. Sea kayaking is easier to do, but you do require a sea or ocean. It is also a great workout, so make sure you hit the gym for a few weeks before you head out there.

Hitting the beach on a beautiful sunny weekend is one of the most popular things to do in the summertime. Sure, you can just lay there and soak up some cancer causing rays, but why not get active and at least try some of these water based sports so that the beach body you worked so hard to get during the winter doesn’t turn to flab by the time the tide goes out. Who knows, you may have fun and meet some sun kissed bikini clad ladies while you’re at it! Surf’s up!

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