Until The Wedding Do Us Part

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The wedding day is undoubtedly important for each of us, especially when it is made perfect by special moments, more or less pleasant. Because in this day the bride and groom are in the spotlight, there are chances for them to feel overwhelmed, to act unnatural and to make mistakes in the most ridiculous ways possible.

Or, why not show their true face and use unexpected gestures, being frightened by the idea that they will remain “tied” to one another ’till death do they part. How would it be therefore to “divorce” the girl you want to marry, even on your wedding day?

This is what you DO NOT have to do at the wedding, if you want to have a happy ending: Do not be late at the altar! As nervous, scared, tired, hurt as you are avoid the appearance at your own wedding on the last hundred meters, like you just remembered that you are getting married.

As the minutes that you stubbornly use before making the ‘step’ add, the guests’ patience, her desire to become your wife, the trust of your parents-in-law decrease… Do not drink too much! Drink moderately and remember that the phrase “sweet talk brings a lot” is not the same with “sweet wine brings sex!

Do not flirt with other women. It’s normal that in the wedding day you get the mood to do balance sheets in terms of amorous conquests, and that horror catches you at the thought that the married man status is the guarantee that you will never have anything but what is written and stamped at the City Hall.

But do not despair! You are going through a normal phase for a man put in the position to give up being single. Remember though in due time that any attempt to replace sexually, erotically, flirtatious what is given in the wedding day, is called infidelity and will stain your image helplessly!

Do not toast, if you do not have a coherent and a common sense speech. You don’t have to prepare your speech in advance to meet these two conditions, but first you mustn’t be drunk when you say it.

For example, at the wedding of a friend, his best man wanted to express in the assent of the happy groom and bride and said: “In the end, X has found someone with enough little self-respect to marry him!”

Do not invite your former girlfriend at the wedding. It is likely for rivalry to be borne between her and the bride. In addition, it is kind not to make her feel bad by making her a part of an event at which, in her opinion, she could be in the place of your current partner.

Do not use your tongue to kiss her in front of the altar. Nobody expects to see you in depictions of erotic states immediately after you say your vows and kiss, so don’t give reasons to the guests to draw a picture and to put it on the net under the tag ‘sensational’. At the wedding you should be decent in all points of view. The bride is yours anyway since you accept her officially, right?

Do not freak out, do not cry, and do not hesitate! ‘The boys cry sometimes’, they even faint, if they get very angry. Especially in the wedding day … In the rest, do not forget to say “YES!”

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