What To Wear Down There

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Ever get the feeling that down there is the same old, same old, and is just a tad blah? Maybe you are tired of looking just like every other guy in the locker room? The solution is simple – you need to get something new to wear down there. There are a variety of accessories and options available to you, both permanent and temporary. Either way, what you wear down there will get a positive reaction from your next visitor, as if it were her first trip to an amusement park…

If you are feeling brave, adventurous and ready for a significant change in your sex life, consider getting pierced south of the border. Sure there’s some pain involved in the process, but the pain is a necessary sacrifice for the years of enjoyment to be had. Male genital piercing is known to enhance sexual pleasure for both men and women.

Many people have come to realize that there are no plain truths about sexual pleasure – that only size matters, or that it’s the “motion of the ocean”. Piercing is becoming a more and more popular means of achieving enhanced sexual stimulation and gratification, no matter the shape or size of the genitalia. Depending on where you pierce down there, and how you use it (orally, externally or internally), male genital piercing can contribute to more intense orgasms for both sexes.

There are three locations where male genitalia are most commonly pierced. The first is through the head of the penis, at the urethra. This is known to be the most painful of the three options, and the most difficult to maintain. Piercing of the urethra interferes with an important daily function of your body – or hourly, depending on how much beer you drink – and it generally takes longer to heal (between three to six months) than other types of piercing.

There is also a greater risk on infection, redness or soreness around the tip than at other locations down there. Some men also indicate that it takes some time to learn “to go” again, due to the introduction of the foreign object into the natural stream.
A more popular location for genital piercing on men is on the ridge of the penis head.

Piercing of the ridge is also quite painful and takes several months to heal (up to three months), but there is less maintenance and little need to worry about the functioning of the urethra. The ring is equally as visible and can be just as pleasurable, and there is less interference with your natural bodily functions.

The third location of piercing is on the scrotum. Scrotal piercing can be more discreet – to be used as a hidden treasure if you will. This type if piercing is most commonly involved in oral sex, which can be extra exciting if both partners are pierced. Depending on the exact location of the ring, and your imagination when it comes to positioning, scrotal piercing can introduce great pleasure to regular and anal intercourse as well.

You can also use your imagination when it comes to the type, size and shape of your ring of choice. The most popular rings are hoops, beaded hoops, and straight or curved barbells.

Besides piercing, male genital tattooing can also spice up your sex life. Tattooing can spice things up by drawing attention to the area. Though the process can be quite painful, the healing period is much more brief than for piercing. Rather than tattoo any of the precious materials located down there, you can also opt for something in the general direction or area, which can be just as sexy and exciting…

So you’ve decided to officially spice things up and go for some genital piercing or tattooing. Before you get all excited about the new found pleasure that will be yours, there are two important things to remember.

First of all – go to an expert. Consider the private and delicate nature of the body area involved, and find yourself a qualified professional. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for their services, after all, they are pointing a gun at or around your most prized possession.

Second of all – allow time for healing. The initial healing period following a piercing or tattoo is the most important. Keep the region clean and allow the wound to heal. Don’t be jumping into any hot tubs or hot pants – allowing time for proper healing is definitely worth the wait.

Feeling some trepidation about piercing and tattooing but still looking for something new to wear down there? There is a variety of other less expensive (and painful) options. One popular accessory for men down there are cock rings.

These stretchy con-“cock”-tions come in a variety of shapes, types and colors but the basic idea is the same – they are meant to be placed over top of the penis and located at its base, and they are intended for sexual stimulation. Cock rings can sustain erections for longer periods of time, and many are equipped to provide extra stimulation to women’s clitoral regions. Plus, they look pretty cool.

Most online sex store will also sell a variety of other toys and props geared towards male genitalia. Don’t be afraid to ask which devices are most popular, or how they are properly used – it’s better to understand this at the time of purchase than to fiddle with something in the heat of the moment. Many drugstores and larger grocers are also carrying more fun products, including colorful condoms and lickable lubes, which can be used in conjunction with whatever else you chose to where down there.

If you don’t have time to run out to the local sex shop, or are still shy about doing so, you can find many things at home to wear. In order to replicate the functions of a cock ring, get your partner to tie her silky stocking or scarf around your member before oral sex or intercourse. Alternately, she could lend you her bead or pearl necklace, and wrap it around the base of the penis or slide it up and down the shaft.

If you’re lucky, she’ll allow you to return her the favor with the gift of a special pearl necklace of your own! Who knew that what you wear down there could be so much fun.

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