Who’s Your Daddy? Showing Her Who’s Boss In The Bedroom

Who's-Your-Daddy No matter how hard she tries to deny it, no matter how far she’ll go to pretend that it’s just not true, there remains one universal fact about women. They love back rubs, sexy lingerie and smelly candles, you ask? Sure. But more importantly, women crave one thing in the bedroom – pleasure. To be more exact, women crave the kind of pleasure that comes from being controlled by a man.

In today’s society, women are increasingly found to be on equal (if not close to equal) footing with men. This is at least true more so than any other period of history. But how does the trend towards gender quality play out when it comes to “play” time?

Some men are intimidated by strong or confident women. However, it is wrong for men to assume that women want their social status to transfer to the bedroom. When it comes to their sex life, strong women desire one thing – a Big Daddy. In other words, a man who takes control of sexual encounters and drives them wild with pleasure!

There are three important steps that you must follow to ensure that your woman knows who’s boss in the bedroom: seduction, surrender, and satisfaction. When it comes to seducing a woman into a night that neither of you will ever forget, you will have to rely on your powers of communication.

You must be able to communicate your desire to a woman in a way that she finds desirable, and then have her reciprocate the effort. This may sound easy, but it is, in fact, the most substantial hurdle that you may have to cross all night! Many women play hard to get, while others may not be comfortable discussing sexy details such as those that the upcoming evening will entail.

As the seducer, you must gauge what a woman’s comfort level is. If she appears confident in her sexuality and outwardly interested in yours, chose the right moment and tell her that you want to take her home, tie her up and blow her mind. Then, don’t say anything more about it – in fact, you might best avoid the topic for the next short while (let’s say half an hour to start).

Let her re-introduce the idea – remember, you need to appear in control! Chances are, your suggestions will weigh heavily on her mind, and she will be on board for the opportunity in no time at all. In the event that you are dealing with a more timid woman, you might offer some sexy hints and suggestions, easing her into the idea of a night of pleasure with you as her Big Daddy.

As for the venue for your best performance, it might be her place or yours, or a neutral location all together. She will be the most relaxed in her own home, and willing to trust you. If you take her to your place and start pulling out all the sexy stops too quickly, she may feel overwhelmed and less willing to enjoy the control that you yield in the bedroom. A neutral location, as in a family or friend’s place or respectable hotel room, is also generally a safe bet. The mystery of the location will add to your control of the evening and her surrender to your sexy powers.

Once you have successfully executed the seduction stage of the evening, it is time to instigate her sexual surrender to you. There are several ways to go about the surrender. The best way to start, you might have already guessed – the trusty blindfold. Blindfolding a woman forces her to trust you, at least for the time being, and this will make her more horny than you know!

Furthermore, her loss of sight will heighten her other senses, namely touch. In order to really take control of the sexy situation, you will also want to tie her arms up above her head (if she is willing… some gentle encouragement may be required!). This not only forces her surrender to you, it puts her in an intimate and sexy position. Other ways to make her surrender include long slow body massages, or delayed teasing tactics around her most sensitive areas. The longer you make her wait, and the more you tease her favorite body parts, the more control you gain over the pleasure she will achieve that evening!

The final and most important step for you to execute is satisfaction. If you want to keep a woman coming back to Big Daddy for more (literally!), this is the stage where you must exceed all of her expectations. This, as many men know, is sometimes easier said than done. However, if you have executed both the seduction and surrender phases of the evening, she should be eating out of the palm of your hand by now, and your chances of success are great!

Ultimately, satisfaction means giving her exactly what she wants, while taking her exactly how you want to. Depending on her comfort level and state of arousal, anything goes here – spanking, dirty talk, crazy positions, you name it.

When the time is right, you might remove her blindfold and/or her arm restraints so that she feels like you are really letting her loose. However, if she tries to take some of the control away from you, say telling you where she wants you, make sure to take the power back. In the end she will thank you for being such a Big Bad Daddy.

In the final stages of the evening, she should be comfortable enough to go along with every stage of the satisfaction you bring her. The key is to gain her trust during the seduction and surrender phases of the evening, so that during the satisfaction phase, she is literally not thinking about things anymore, just doing them!

One final thing to remember about being the Boss in the bedroom, it is not an every night occurrence. It works best when you maintain variety in your sex life – sometimes having slow, drawn out intimate sex, sometimes having spontaneous quickies, and on those very special occasions, reminding her Who’s Her Daddy – just in case she ever forgets about the extent of your sexual powers…

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