Wild Thing: How To Tell If Your Girl Falls Into This Category

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We all have those unfortunate guy friends who have managed to find themselves ladies who will only give them blow-jobs once a year on their birthday. As a good pal, it is your duty to create an avenue in which they can channel themselves and live vicariously until their birthday finally rolls around again. For this to happen, you can take the lame route and embellish the details of your last date or you can do yourselves both a favor and find that sought after but rare breed: the wild thing.

There are telltale signs that you have one of these lovelies on hand and will soon be able to peel back your shirt to reveal a fantastic set of scratch marks that will send your deprived buddy to his happy place at least for the time being. Best thing to do is to feel your girl out and see just how wild she really is.

Public Sex – Up For It?

Once you have gotten to a certain level of intimacy with your girl, it’s a fair question to want to know what makes her tick. There are a couple of routes to go on finding out if public sex is up her alley. One way is to simply ask her. Simple, yet effective! It may work well to ask something along the lines of “Where’s the craziest place you’d like to have sex?” If she reels back in horror or announces “in the bedroom”, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have fairly tame lady on your hands.

Conversely, you may get a pleasant surprise when she answers something like “the sink in Dempsey’s Pub” or “the back seat of a moving cab”. Once this knowledge comes to light, it’s now up to you to make her fantasies come true!


This can be taken to varying degrees but whatever the level; I cannot stress enough that you both have a clear line of communication, understanding and trust before you try anything too crazy. You can test out the waters by lightly tying her arms with a silk scarf. Once a comfort level has been established and she is clearly up for to taking it a step further, other methods can be introduced like handcuffing her to a headboard, tying her legs and arms spread eagle with leather straps or hog tie her with rope. Chances are good that your wild thing will want to try tying you down for herself before she goes down on you.


Our teachers and coaches always told us that practice makes perfect and sex is no exception. You’ve both shared your numbers and have found out that your girl has slept with nearly 10 times the amount of men (and women) that you have. First of all, I will never understand the need to know someone’s “number”. Why? There’s never a good answer. If it’s too little you worry that the person doesn’t have much of a sexual appetite and if it’s too many (70? 215?) you worry that they can’t commit, are only out for cheap thrills and are maybe a sex addict.

Alright, but let’s say you know her number and it’s a lot… a lot of sexual partners could point to the fact that she is adventurous and loves sex for sex’s sake but it could also mean that she has low self esteem or that you will end up with an irreversible case of herpes. It’s been my experience that those that have been in longer relationships where there has been a lot of sex as opposed to someone that thrives on one night stands tend to be better between the sheets, less likely to be self absorbed in the sack and may not leave you wondering, what did I see in that bi-polar crazy lady? Choose wisely.


This is an easy one… does she own porn? Does she like porn? Will she watch porn with you? Better yet, will she make porn with you? If you’ve stumbled on her secret stash while looking for your socks then you’re in business. If she throws a tantrum and accuses you of “cheating” when your monthly skin rag arrives in your mailbox, you’d better hit the ground running. No wild thing here.


I am always befuddled and slightly appalled when a woman tells me that she does not own her own vibrator. What do you do when your guy is out of town? When you’re on a dry spell? Let’s say (and I hope this is true, for your sake) that your girl does indeed have her own vibrator, ask her what she does with it, when she uses it, what she thinks about when she uses it. Maybe she’d be up for getting herself off while you watch. If she’s up for this, more toys will likely make their appearance from that cloth bag beneath her bed and into your daily grind.

Alter Egos & Role Playing

Maybe you’re both interested in a little something on the side with a mysterious stranger but you’re both deeply committed to your relationship. Alter egos and role-playing are a great way to explore this area with your vows intact. Start off by sharing a fantasy and encouraging her to share one of her own. A true wild thing will be happy to play naughty nurse in a little white hat, Betty Page red lips, and garter belt to help cure what ails you.


In committed relationships these can be tricky as not everyone is cool with sharing their partner sexually, even if they are present at the time. You want to approach this delicately at first just to feel your girl out on the subject. Has she been with a woman? Does the idea of the two of you picking up a fresh, young thing at the bar to take home with you make her hot… or just angry?

It’s not uncommon for a lot of women to have experimented at some point or another but keep in mind that if you do broach this topic she may see your “one dick rule” as being a double standard. Some wild things will get off on the idea of going down on a guy while you do her from behind so be prepared to take that into consideration if you’re going to be trying for your cheer-leading camp fantasy. Fair is fair.

Take these as a few stepping-stones to get a better idea of where your girl falls on the wild girl scale and also for laying a foundation for new play for both of you. It’s important to keep an open line of communication, be honest with your emotions, clear about your intentions and non-judgmental when she wishes to share fantasies of her own.

When your wild thing stares you in the eye and asks you to gag her with your sock and do her with a beer bottle, try to be open and appreciate that fact that she is wiling to share her sexual fantasies with you. It’s great to have a girl that is up for trying new things. Revel in the glory, my friend, and kneel in thanks that you will most likely never be that guy who sadly mills about town drawing “I wish my girl was this dirty” into muddy truck windshields.

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