Wildly Demanding Women: How to Avoid Dating a Control Freak

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Why do men chase, lust after, and yearn for the love of a good woman? Most often it’s because of their nurturing, gentle, caring and sexy ways. Many women possess these qualities, and you are lucky if you have found a woman who is a comfort and strength to you. Unfortunately, there is also a large segment of the female population whose personality and manners fall quite short of ideal.

Wildly demanding women, also known as “control freaks”, are hardly the girls of men’s dreams. In fact, they are probably your worst nightmare. But how can you detect a control freak before it’s too late? There are several key warning signs that you might have a wildly demanding woman on your hands. Men must beware the lionesses in sheep’s clothing by identifying the signs of danger early on in the relationship, before it’s too late and she has you in her cage of control forever.

First of all, you must be warned that wildly controlling women never appear that way when you first meet them. Many of them can possess endearing, entertaining and attractive personalities and characteristics. In order to get underneath their pretty packaging, you will probably have to test them and push the limits of their seemingly gentle exterior. This is most easily done by asking them a series of personal questions, which might set off some warning flags of her true character. However, you must try to investigate without offending them or seeming distrusting of their charm.

Make sure that your questions are open ended and non accusatory. As a woman begins to open up to you, then you can ask her more direct questions. It will not take long for a control freak in hiding to show her true colors. She is bound to start complaining or making requests of you shortly after you meet her, so be wary of these, even if they seem small in nature. If she expects you to get her drinks or hold the door or introduce her to everyone you know right off the bat, you best find someone else to engage in conversation with.

Another approach to getting to the truth is by involving some of your friends in one of your early dates. If she is obviously offended by your suggestion to meet your friends for a quick beverage and seems determined to have you all to herself before she even knows you very well, then she is likely one of those lionesses that must be avoided.

A normal, caring girl would be interested to meet the people you care about, and willing to spend part of an evening with them. Another sign of a control freak is a temper. Everyone gets frustrated once in a while and is entitled to a few curses or words of discouragement. However, a woman who flies off the handle at the smallest issue is likely to be just as wildly perturbed with you in the future.

A good way to uncover her weaknesses is to challenge her with a game or sport. Is she open to new things, willing to embarrass herself and not easily frustrated by her shortcomings? Or does she clam up, and blame other people and problems when things are not going her way?

If you do not have the opportunity to engage in something competitive or challenging, you also have other ways of measuring her temper. For example, she might get easily irritated when driving the car, or supremely annoyed by people talking in the movie theater row behind you.

A woman who can’t brush things off and make the best of a situation, or who is quick to blame others and get easily angered is bound to be wildly demanding and controlling of you in the future. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Signs of a troublesome woman can also be detected in her appearance and mannerisms. Every men wants to date a woman who takes care of herself and puts time and effort into her appearance. But if a woman seems obsessive or distracted by the way she looks, it will only become a larger and more uncontrollable situation down the road. If you have a date with a woman, you should not have to wait half an hour while she does her hair or make up.

A five minute interval of leeway is okay, the duration of an entire sitcom is not. The flags should also go up if she spends half the date checking her hair or reapplying her make up – unless the two of you are drinking excessively, there is really no reason why she should have to run off to the bathroom every half an hour.

As for her mannerisms, you might detect some controlling ways early on by observing her interactions with others. Is she friendly to servers, staff or strangers that you might meet or is she negative towards them? A caring woman will treat everyone with respect so pay attention to how she treats those around her before you become her whipping boy indefinitely.

So what if you missed the warning signs and the woman that you are dating seems to be becoming the most controlling person in your life – how can you be sure when she has crossed the line, or if she is just concerned about you? A control freak will try to regulate everything you do.

She will demand to know where you are at all times, what you are doing, who you are with, and further miniscule details about your existence. Furthermore, she is likely to be very negative towards your thoughts and actions, and will often complain or demand that you do things differently. Yes, this woman is your worst nightmare – she is determined to control your independence and personality, because in her heart, she is not satisfied by her own.

Alternately, a caring woman will expect you to communicate openly with her, but not submit hourly “reports”. She will be comfortable with your separate life and the time you spend at work, participating in sports, or visiting with your friends and family. Basically, you should feel comfortable about the interest that your woman takes in your life. If conversations feel more like the Spanish Inquisition than sharing each other’s lives, then you best move on…

Trying to escape the stranglehold of a wildly controlling woman can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You will have to be very determined and dedicated to execute the break up before you attempt it, because she is likely to demand that you change your mind – and she might even have the power to make it happen!

So plan your escape carefully and do it as soon as humanly possible. Your freedom, independence and potential happiness with a better woman is at stake. Run away, even hide if you have to, until you have established a safe distance between you and the cagey female beast who is trying eat you alive and control you to death. Good luck!

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