Women and the Bad Boys They Love

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You’ve all seen this phenomenon in action—the hottest girls in high school were always dating the biggest jerks—the type of guys who cheated on them, forgot about dates, and generally treated them poorly. You, on the other hand, were taught to respect women and treat them well, but all your hard work doesn’t seem to get you anywhere because now you’re seen as the “good guy.” Girls think you’re nice to have as a friend, but they certainly aren’t inviting you over for a sleepover. What’s with women and the bad boys they love anyway?

The Bad Boy

The bad boy is timeless—from James Dean to Colin Farrell, girls have loved bad boys for ages. Some famous celebrity bad boys include Tommy Lee, Russell Crowe, Charlie Sheen, 50 Cent, and Liam Gallagher, just to name a few. But what does a bad boy have to offer? What is so appealing about him, and why do women fall for bad boys all the time?

Here’s a summary of typical bad boy characteristics:

  • They show up late for dates, with no explanation or sense of remorse.
  • They expect their girlfriends to pick up the tab when they are out together.
  • They are notorious womanizers.
  • No woman is off limits to them; they flirt with your friends and with strangers in front of you.
  • They party too much and have probably been in trouble with the law at some point in time.

After reading over that list of character traits, you are probably wondering what women would be stupid enough to subject themselves to guys like these. Women who are in relationships with bad boys often wonder why they are with them too when they behave shamefully. However, there are a few things that bad boys offer that make up for their poor behavior:

  • They are confident, outgoing and exciting.
  • They make great lovers and are great experimenters in the bedroom.
  • They are charming scamps; even when they are doing wrong, they can talk their way out of it.
  • They are attractive to women who like their carefree attitude but also believe that they can change them.

A perfect example of the good-girl and bad-boy couple is seen in the relationship between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. She was naïve; he was exciting and dangerous, and as they say, opposites attract.

Bad Boy Relationships

When women are in relationships with bad boys, it is a rare case when both people in the relationship are happy. She wants more attention and he’s off womanizing her friends. Relationship experts will often state that women who are in bad relationships such as these are suffering from low self-esteem because they put up with poor behavior from their partners. In a healthy relationship, both partners’ needs and feelings should be addressed.

On the other hand, there are many things that women get out of being in a relationship with a bad boy. They get a “man” in the traditional sense of the word. He’s not afraid to be aggressive and he’s able to take charge of a situation, which is an attractive feature to many women. After all, sometimes all a woman wants is to be told what to do. With a “nice guy”, on the other hand, women sometimes feel like they are the ones in charge and that they are able to walk all over their partners. Deferring to your girlfriend for every single matter in your relationship isn’t going to get her passionate and excited.

Roll with the Punches

When a good girl is in a relationship with her opposite—a bad boy—it is important to remember that you can’t change anyone. Too many women go into these types of relationships with the idea that through the sheer power of their love, they will be able to prevent their bad boys from straying too far. This just isn’t going to happen. If you push a bad boy too far, he won’t change into a nice guy; instead, he’s just going to move on to the next woman who thinks he’s exciting and dangerous.

Rather than trying to make him become something that he’s not, women should understand the type of person they are dating when they first enter into the relationship. So, if you love the fact that he’s exciting, spontaneous, dangerous, and a great lover, don’t try to get him to stop being those things when you tire of them. Being in a relationship with a bad boy is a fine choice to make, as long as she understands what she is getting herself into. Opposites can often be a complement to each other, so embrace your differences and move beyond them.

Becoming a Bad Boy

A lot of men see the attention bad boys get from women, and they wonder how they can become bad boys. Is it possible to fake it as a bad boy? Can you change your personality so that women think you’re bad? You can certainly try, and your own confidence will determine how successful you are at becoming a bad boy.

Here are a few tips to follow for those of your looking to hone your bad boy image.

Be a man. Bad boys are masculine, aggressive, spontaneous and dangerous. Buy a leather jacket, get yourself a motorcycle, and take charge on that first date.

Do not make yourself available every time she calls. Leave her guessing and wondering where you are and what you are doing. Then show up on her door when she least expects it.

Become a sex addict. Bad boys are notoriously passionate and horny, so make sure she knows that you want her in bed every single time you see her. Except, instead of the bed, make it the kitchen counter, or the hood of the car, or the inside of the elevator.

Before you know it, your bad boy makeover will have the ladies fawning all over you too! Just try to remain somewhat respectful of the women you encounter, have some restraint and don’t over do it. You want to reap the benefits of being a notorious bad boy without ending up in jail cell, with other, more dangerous bad boys!

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