Women Gone Wild: Knowing What Sexy Women Want

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Today’s women are more sexually adventurous than ever before. Look around and you will see women seducing men everywhere you turn, whether it be with their short skirts and tops, high heels, piercings, or low cut blouses. So how is an everyday guy supposed to know how to approach and harness this raw sexual energy for his own benefit? Are these women too kinky for their own good and for yours? The trick to knowing how to deal with sexually adventurous women is understanding them. While they may seem intimidating at the start, they are not that different from any other woman that you know – they are just way more interested in sex. So what’s stopping you from keeping up and enjoying such sexually adventurous and exciting women? From now on… nothing at all.

There are five different types of sexually adventurous woman. Chances are, you have been with at least one of these different ladies – though you might not have been well prepared for the experience that you had. Each category of woman has its pros and cons. Some women will have higher expectations of you in bed, while others will fight for sexual dominance or submissiveness until they have achieved their goal. Knowing what sexual characteristics you find most attractive in a woman will help you improve your sexual adventures in the future. So pay attention to the warning signs and be prepared for some mind-blowing sex with this assortment of adventurous ladies…

The Feminist Femme Fatale

A feminist femme fatale can be the best sex of your life, or your worst nightmare. She will likely have high expectations of you, and have little patience for any weakness or shortcoming on your behalf. She will expect you to respect and serve her and her body, but will give you half of the same respect in return. While she may be intimidating, it is worth giving this sexy woman a shot. Her direct attitude and confidence in life and in bed may wear off on you, plus you might learn a few things. She will be open to trying different ideas in bed, just as long as they as much hers as they are yours. Your best approach towards a feminist femme fatale is honesty and directness. Ask her what she wants, and she will be very pleased to answer. The next question is can you meet her expectations, or if she will send you off with your tail between your legs? Remember to stand up for yourself and assume sexual dominance even though she wants to fight you for it all night long.

The Playful Pretty Girl Next Door

This is the girl next door who wants to play doctor with you, or a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” She may be somewhat hard to predict, because on first glance you might think her prudish or shy. What you don’t know about this pretty girl, however, is that her sense of sexual adventure is overflowing – she just has a very tight lid on it. If you are the lucky one to help her unscrew it, you may be surprised at what you find. This is a very confident lady who knows what she wants. She will shyly make you give it to her, and you will likely be quite happy to do so. You may have to approach your sexual adventure with a little bit of mystery and romance in order to keep her interest, but once you get her started, she will want to continue exploring for hours. Remember to kiss her on the cheek at the end of the night, and tell her how appealing she is to you – she will expect to be pampered after she has provided you with some of the most stimulating sex of your lifetime.

Naughty Nursemaid

This is the kind of naughty girl who will expect sex from you in a public place with little notice. She likes the idea of sexy encounters as much as she likes participating in them. She will likely want to talk to you about sexy, dirty or naughty things before, during and after your wild adventure with her. Be warned, discretion is not her specialty – and if you see or meet her again, she is not likely to be very tactful about what you shared. While this girl’s naughtiness can be very appealing, she generally believes in quantity over quality, and likes the novelty of sex more than others. Once you have had your chance to be with her, you may not get another – unless of course you find yourself sharing a cab, or meeting in the bathroom at the bar for a quickie. This girl’s limited expectations of you can be very emancipating in bed, so make the most of this naughty nursemaid while you have her, because soon she’ll be visiting the “patient” next door.

Hungry Cougar

This insatiable female has definitely been around the block… as well as the neighbourhood, city, and country. She wants sex from men before she even meets them. She likes to chew them up and then spit them out – but if you are up for it, it might be a great time. This cougar knows how to better control her emotions than younger women, which a great quality to have when it comes to casual sexual encounters. But beware a cougar can be demanding, controlling, and maybe a little dangerous. Once she gets her claws into you, you will be her victim until she has had her way. You may walk or limp away feeling used and abused, but also maybe hungry for more. Just remember that this is no soft and sexy little kitten, this is a fierce sexual animal. She is hungry for sex and lots of it. Get some rest before attempting to tame her.

Sultry Sex Kitten

This sexy little kitten wants to be wanted by you, more than she wants to be with you. She is very comfortable and confident with her body, and gets a huge kick out of always teasing men. As much as she wants to impress you with her sleek sexiness and little pussy purr, however, this lady wants you to rip her clothes off and ride her like a wild animal. She likes to learn new things, and feel like you are teaching her a lesson. While she is very open to new experiences, make sure to wait for an invitation first. This sultry woman is an independent little kitty, and will only have you seduce her on her own terms.

More and more women are going wild for sex! Knowing what they want from you may be confusing unless you understand their character or personality type. So the next time you meet a feminist femme fatale or a playful pretty girl next door, make the most of your sexual adventure and enjoy all the wilderness she has to offer…

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