What Women Hate in Bed

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I don’t think that there is one man on this planet who would like to be known as a boring lover. To avoid being referred to as boring or annoying in bed, there are some things that you should avoid during sex.

Women don’t agree to many things that men regularly do, but you should follow our advices and make women call you again after one night of sex with them.

There are a lot of annoying things that men do during sex. Here is a list of the things you should avoid if you want to be considered a great lover.

Leaving your socks or shoes on

Forget what you learned from watching porn. I’m not sure I’ve learned anything else. This is probably a good idea though because you might get dirt in her bed or on one her 37 pillows and that will kill the mood for her. She’s allowed to leave her shoes on if they’re nice. When a man makes love with his socks or shoes on, women take this as a sign of disrespect. Leaving your socks on may also be considered by women as a sign of rush. You don’t want her to think that this is a task which you want to finish as quickly as possible. That is why you have to take your time and to undress yourself completely.

Answering your cell phone

According to a BBDO Worldwide survey, 15% of Americans have answered a call during sex. I would guess that all 15% are women. Granted, a guy would take a phone call in the middle of surgery if he thought it would lead to sex, but if he’s already having sex he won’t answer. If you have prepared for a night of sex, you should unplug your phone to avoid having your night disrupted.

Engaging in small talk

The only thing you should be talking about is how much she turns you on and how great it feels to be inside her. And that’s not even necessary. You’ve already gotten into her pants so there’s really no reason to talk to her ever again. You shouldn’t keep asking silly questions about the way she feels…this will only annoy her, it won’t make her feel any better.

Watching anything other than her

Sex with the TV on? A study by an Italian sexologist has found that couples who have a TV set in their bedroom have sex only half as often as those who don’t. They instead watch a lot of shows and do crossword puzzles. Remember, sex is all about focusing on her. Ok, everything is about focusing on her, but today’s lesson is sex. Try to have as many sex as you can, because if you don’t you will regret it later. TV is in my opinion for old couples who would probably rather have sex but it is impossible for them.

Drooling on her (or spitting globs of saliva on her face)

Women like to be drooled over, but not on. So, if you don’t want to stop having sex just because some saliva has gotten on her face, you should be careful.

Women do tend to take these matters personally, so it is better to avoid them

Collapsing two seconds after your climax

Or faking your own death after your climax. Chicks want to cuddle. Chicks probably want to cuddle more than they want to have sex. Men do have a physiological excuse for falling asleep afterwards. I don’t think ‘If you don’t have sex with me, I’ll die’ is based in physiology however. Instead put on some loud ass dance music, drink a red bull or have sex where you’re unlikely to fall asleep.

Mentioning the sexual skills of other women

Don’t ever, ever talk about other women while making love. Don’t ever, ever talk about other women while doing anything, but saying “You don’t f*ck as well as my second wife” won’t earn you any brownie points. If you have to talk, talk about her.

Turning sex into stand-up comedy

This is especially true if you’re a prop comic. Being silly or laughing can hamper her arousal and trivialize the sexual experience for her. She is allowed to laugh at your penis though, so don’t have sex after swimming.

Using infantile pet names for body parts

Call a clit a clit, and a vagina is a vagina, not a wee-wee. Now I’m confused. I always thought a penis was a wee-wee, and a vagina was a hoo-hoo. And I have no idea what a clit is or where it’s found. She doesn’t want to feel like a little girl playing doctor. She wants to feel like a big girl having sex with a doctor. No stirrups though. You also shouldn’t give names to your penis like “Jr” or “Prince Coozie”.

Asking for permission

There is nothing sexy at a guy who asks to have sex with a woman. A good lover knows haw to show her that he wants to make love to her and he also knows how to turn her on in such a way that she will beg for him to have sex with her. Sometimes it is enough just to look in “undressing” way or a provocative touch your girlfriends’ body to give a signal for sex.

Being predictable

If you had been for a while with your partner, this may be a problem. The reason for that wonderful period at the beginning of your relationship was the desire to know each other better.

If you want to keep your relationship as hot as it was when you first met each other, you have to come up with fresh ideas all the time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment new things during sex. Prepare every time something different for you to try, some new sex positions, some sex games, things that will keep both of you willing to have sex and that will not lead you to a routine.

Mechanical sex

Many women will say that sex without passion is boring. There aren’t any women who liked being treated as rubber dolls. Ok, we agree that you can’t always have an amazing sex. But you must remember that a woman needs to feel a woman from time to time. So, be the man that she wants, and at least from time to time give her what she wants. Make love to her like it was the first time.

Don’t cross boundaries

Although a lot of women and men feel that they have to be satisfied with only what their partner offers, but the truth is that this routine will bore them to death.

So, if you want to make a woman not to get bored, from time to time you have to make some extra efforts.

Show your partner that you know how to be romantic…make some romantic gestures. Only remember to do those gestures only if you want to, or your partner will know that you are just pretending.

Don’t want to change location

If your partner already knows all the cracks in the sealing, than you are in trouble. But you mustn’t worry. A simple change of location will solve this. Take her on the kitchen table, in the car, on a beach, in a forest…there are plenty of places to choose from.

Just use your imagination and try not to get caught.

Have a glass of wine with your partner and share your fantasies. You can turn these fantasies into reality even quicker than you hope.

Even if you forget everything on the list, there is one thing you should never forget when it comes to women. It’s not a lie if you believe it.

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