How Women Judge Men

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There are always lots of articles in women’s magazines about what men are really thinking and the different ways men judge women. It’s time to turn the tables and talk about how women judge men. That’s right – women judge men just as often, or perhaps more often, than men judge women. And there are lots of different ways that women judge men too. Are you curious to find out the different ways you are being judged? Then keep reading!


As the saying goes, “Clothing makes the man.” A well-dressed man is a sight to behold. Perhaps that’s why so many women have a soft spot for men in uniforms and suits. There is something about men who get up in the morning, get dressed in well-fitted suit, and head to work for the day. Therefore, when you are getting ready for a date, make sure you look your best.

Put away the camouflage pants or sweats that you don when you are at home alone and put on a nice pair of pants or jeans with a sport jacket. Purchase more expensive clothes that are better quality and have a better fit so that you can look your best at all times. And suck in that gut!


It’s somewhat of a stereotype that women care about the kind of cars men drive. And there’s probably something to this stereotype, but it may be different than you think. I don’t have any friends who are impressed with guys who show up for dates in fast sports cars. In fact, it’s almost too much of a cliche for it to be attractive to women anymore. If you think, for example, that showing up for a date in your dad’s Hummer is going to impress her, think again.

She’s probably just going to assume you are an arrogant guy who needs to build his self-esteem through big cars. Instead, women are impressed by guys who drive sensible cars that are clean and well-maintained. Driving a sensible car shows a few different things about you. First, you care about the environment by not driving a gas-guzzler. Second, you don’t waste all of your money on vehicles. And three, you are sure of yourself so that you don’t need to hide behind a fast car or a big engine.


Women judge men by their kissing skills too. If you try to swallow her face, she’ll assume you are desperate for female attention. This also suggests that you are inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the ladies, which really isn’t appealing to women either.

If you need assistance learning how to kiss, this isn’t the article you should be reading. The only advice I can give you is to relax and take it easy rather than jumping all over her face on your date.


Women actually tend to judge men on their occupations more than men judge women. This may be because men view themselves as providers and expect they will have a better career than their female counterparts. And sometimes women view men as providers too, and expect them to have flourishing careers. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do in the short term to change your career, short of quitting a dead-end job and going to school in the hopes of getting a better job.

When you are on a date with a woman and she asks you what you do for a living, she will be impressed by occupations that are well-paying, respected, and have the potential for growth. If you are 45 and still delivering pizzas for a living, you are probably not going to get a very warm response from your date. While it may be a superficial category upon which to judge men, the truth is that women judge men on their occupations all the time.


Women and men don’t differ that much in this regard. Sure there are groups of people who are specifically attracted to overweight people, but generally, we are all attracted to fit people who are not overweight. That means that when women see overweight men, they tend to think they are lazy over-eaters that don’t like to exercise.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to improve your physical appearance. Start eating properly, start working out regularly, and make a point of getting active. Women and men who are active enjoy being with each other because it gives them the opportunity to do so many different activities together.


Generally speaking, women are interested in men that are taller than them. That means that women tend to look “down” on men who are shorter than them. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to stop being judged if you are shorter than a lot of women.

The best part is to just play it up and not be intimidated by taller women. If you act insecure or shy, you will just become invisible to women all around you. Instead, pretend that height isn’t an issue and just make the most of your personality and sense of humor.


There you have it guys – those are just some of the ways that women judge men. In some ways, there are a lot of similarities between how men and women judge each other. But now you know what women are thinking when they meet you for the first time. To keep her interest in you piqued, you should pay attention to the different ways women judge you so that you can be sure to impress her with your suave ways.

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