Workouts With Your Relationship In Mind

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Picture this – having sex with the most amazing women you can imagine. Now take a reality check – are you her idea of amazing? There are a lot of guys out there who are dating some amazing looking ladies, and yet those same guys rarely take the time to question whether or not there is anything else they can do to make themselves more appealing.

Well we have polled a few of our favorite female friends, and now we want to share with you what they had to say about things women want in their men. And since this is a health and fitness article, we asked them to focus on what those same guys can do at the gym to get the look they desire. The last thing you want is to have your girlfriend or wife straying because you are lacking muscle, so keep reading and find out what you need to keep the home fires burning.


When we asked Candi to talk about her relationship, she was all over the map. When we asked her to tell us what her boyfriend could do at the gym to make her happier at home, she got straight to the point. “Big, sexy arms!”

She told us that one of the first things she notices on a guy is how hard his arms are, and she says the harder the better! Her current boyfriend, Mike, is a good looking guy, according to her. But she says she is sometimes embarrassed at his less than spectacular “pipes”. This one’s for you Mike:

Quick Biceps

Big biceps are one of the easiest muscle groups to improve, mainly because you can focus on one or two simple exercises to get the look you crave – or the look she craves!

Curls – 3×10 (sets/curls) – using free weights, every other day. You can mix things up by standing, or you can sit and do “concentration” style. You can do both, and when you get tired switch to a barbell or machine. You can easily do a combination of curls at each setting, and end each cycle doing a “burnout” set – go until you drop. The results will come quickly, and your buffed pipes will drive Candi crazy.


Tanice is actually quite shy, but she perked right up when we asked her the number one thing her man could do to improve his body.

“I love a guy with a hard body.”

We had to do a little more prying to get the specifics, and after she sighed a lot and kept looking off dreamily into space; she began to describe what “hard” meant to her. Essentially, she liked guys who had an overall toned body. They didn’t have to have the monster arms craved by Candi, but they needed to tone and tighten up everything below their hairline. Her fiancé’s name is Richard, but she likes calling him Ricky. Pay attention Ricky!


Unlike focusing on a specific muscle group, toning requires a little more time and a little more patience. It can also be achieved without doing a lot of heavy lifting, which might be appealing for those of us who prefer sports over the health club.

In order to effectively tone your body, you must ensure a few things are happening. First, you need to lose any excess weight. This can be done through exercise, but you also must adjust your diet so you consume fewer calories than you actually need. Two, start doing an exercise (or exercises) that use as many muscles as possible. Swimming is excellent, as is any sport that involves high cardio output – soccer, basketball, running, etc.


Jesse is pretty athletic, so we figured she could give us all sorts of ideas. One thing we found out fairly quickly is that she is currently single, looking, and very specific about the kind of guy she wants.

“You might think I want a jock – think again. I just want a guy that has lots of energy.”

Energy? Well, if you saw Jesse in person, chances are you would demonstrate as much energy as any heterosexual male can muster. But after a little more prodding, she described a guy that was less into his “pretty-boy” muscles and gym buddies, and more interested in demonstrating his capacity for endurance.

Endurance Building

Lots of guys would love to build up their endurance, and there are lots of ways you can make this happen. First, you have to get used to the concept of a constantly moving comfort zone. Second, all of your training should now be focused on ways you can build your lung capacity, heart rate, and energy levels. Third, push yourself every chance you get. Choose fat burning on the treadmill, do wind sprints while jogging, and end each workout with lots and lots of push-ups. Finally, your sport of choice should have a “thon” or “man” at the end of it, as in “Triathlon” or “Iron man”.

Carrie & Brenda

These two young ladies insisted on answering together, as they are dating two guys who happen to be brothers. When they answered, they didn’t hesitate with their response.


They love guys who have washboard tummies, and they were pleased to note that their current beaus are working hard to get them.

The Six-Pack

Made popular by many a rapper, the six-pack is something most guys want – both the muscular and bottled variety. Are you ready for some sit-ups and crunches? The only way to get that ripple stomach is by taking the time to hammer the stomach muscles with a series of alternating sit-ups and crunches.

You can also speed things along by keeping the weight down, and avoiding any thing – booze or food – that increases the diameter of your stomach (ex. Beer & chips). The only bad thing about six-packs is that they take time. So have patience, as good things come to those who wait.

Final thoughts

Just remember to keep your lady in mind the next time you make a pledge to get into better shape. Find out what she would like to see lying in the bed next to her, and then hit the gym and make it happen!

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