So You’re Dating an Aquarius…

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Dating an Aquarius [January 20-February 18] woman and want to know a little more about what makes her tick? Read on…

Traditional Traits

aquariusAquarius people are born under the sign of the Water Bearer and are generally described as good communicators who take a genuine interest in the welfare of others, but aren’t always capable of getting their message across. Other times, they can be seen as being rude and tactless because they like to broadcast their opinions fairly widely.

Physically, the female Aquarius is broad-shouldered with a well-defined bone structure. She, generally speaking, isn’t traditionally beautiful or feminine, but has the ability to unassumingly trump conventional beauty myths. She is able to identify with various people and cultures and can be construed as being a bit of a flake at times because of her lack of self-confidence.

Career-wise, those born under the sign of the Aquarius tend to be successful in jobs that don’t bore them—no day-to-day routine for them. Liking autonomy in the workplace, Aquarius people are independent thinkers and like to be able to make decisions on their own.

Aquarius Sexual Characteristics

Aquarius women don’t tend to rush into relationships or sex. Rather, they approach it analytically, like an intellectual game. They tend to make good lovers in the sense that they have lots of mental energy for love and are committed once they involve themselves in something important. However, the female Aquarius can be just as stubborn as she is committed, making her a difficult sell at times. They struggle with intimacy, so they must really trust and love the person they are with before they will become truly intimate with them. If you are trying to get with a female Aquarius, beware that they like to be wooed and courted.

Even once intimacy is achieved, she might want to live separately so as to maintain a sense of independence. She is generally unemotional and dislikes people who strive to be the center of attention. Don’t take her for granted either because she won’t put up with it. Thinking about showing your love for her through material goods? Don’t bother because she really thinks that any form of extravagance is pretty senseless and without purpose.

Aquarius women are generally attracted to men who are logical, open-minded, intellectual and experimental. If you’ve got smarts, you’d better show them off because ideas are what fascinate her. But don’t expect her to be stuck dating the stable, yet boring accountant type—she wants a smart guy who is unusual, so even rebels might have a chance with the Aquarius female. If he acts slightly aloof towards her, all the better because it will arouse her curiosity, and if he’s original (read: odd), then he might just stand a chance of keeping her interest for longer.

Aquarius Compatibility with other signs

One of the best matches for a female Aquarius is with one of her own—a male Aquarius. They will get along terrifically because they will be able to share in the desire and experiences of wide-ranging interests and since both dislike intimacy and overt displays of affection, no one will be complaining in the love making department. Long intellectual conversations will ensure with these two and they will likely agree on many subjects of discussion.

Another pretty good match-up is between the female Aquarius and the male Sagittarius. This one is different, however, because these two are not soul mates by any stretch of the imagination. Believe it or not, these two will have fun together, going through new experiences together and will race each other to the next big thrill. And despite her dislike for intimacy, they will have a great sexual relationship with lots of experimenting and not so much affectionate cuddling. Even if their relationship ends in disaster, these two would probably make pretty good friends.

Watch out for the pairing of the male Aries and the female Aquarius, however. While they both like to experiment with life and sex, it won’t go much further than that. Aries will want to take control over the relationship, but she wants her independence, causing a potential area of friction for this coupling. If both use tact and respect, they might make it last, but the female Aquarius isn’t the most diplomatic person, so who knows how this will work out.

Yet another potential disastrous relationship is the union of the male Taurus and the female Aquarius. He is a very visceral person who is very physical and less intellectual while she is cerebral and disdainful of “jock” types. Plus, he is insecure and her independence won’t help that go away. These two wouldn’t even make good friends.

Another pairing to be avoided is the male Cancer with the female Aquarius. He wants to be close, which will suffocate her because she likes distance and he’ll be hurt by that desire for space. Plus, he’s too cautious for her—you need to be exciting and spontaneous if you want to keep her love and affection. Her sardonic sense of humor will unnerve him, as he will likely receive the brunt of her caustic jokes. In essence, this will be a relationship of him trying to get her to like him, and her playing a game of cat and mouse with him—teasing until she’s had enough and then burying him alive.

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