So You’re Dating a Capricorn…

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Welcome to another edition of the series of articles intended to help you figure out your girlfriend’s deepest desires, sexual personality, and your potential compatibility as a couple. Your girlfriend’s sign is a great way to get an intimate look at her likes, dislikes, and character. So if you’re dating a Capricorn [December 22-January 19], then read on my friend and perhaps you will gain a little insight into her moods and bedroom behavior.

Traditional Traits

dating-capricornThose born under the sign of the Capricorn—also known as the sign of the goat—are known as serious and unemotional thinkers. They are defined as independent, confident and calm, with practical goals and a sense of responsibility. Their stick-to-it-ness can get annoying for other types of people who don’t take life and work so seriously though.

While they are the people to hire if you want to have a reliable person to trust that will get the job done, their persistence can make others look a little less hardworking, and they can sometimes be seen as “boring,” as they tend to respect tradition, conservative values, and rarely see the humor in things, as they are often humorless.

While they have a great respect for authority, they may not always show that respect, as they sometimes don’t like to listen to other’s opinions, and expect a lot out of colleagues, employers and lovers. And yet while they expect a lot and work hard, they are pessimistic, and unhappy, often leaning towards depression and misery.

Male Capricorns can generally be identified by their stocky build and sharp eyes. These men are conscious of their appearance and sometimes have a hard time fitting in at casual get togethers where their sport coats are out of place. Preferring to avoid the spotlight, the male Capricorn isn’t the most social person, which can make others think you are cold and aloof.

The female Capricorn, on the other hand, can be recognized physically by her small, well-shaped body and deep, enticing eyes. She generally has nice legs, small feet, is very self-conscious and afraid of making the smallest faux pas. “Normal” humor annoys her and she really dislikes unfunny people with her dry wit and sarcasm defining what is funny. While she seems calm and down-to-earth, mood swings abound as well.

Capricorn Sexual Characteristics

In friendship, Capricorns can be the most loyal companions around. Having said that, their loyalty can also fuel jealousy and intense hatred if the friendship ever ends. While Capricorns tend to be uncomfortable in many relationships, rumor has it that if Capricorns feel comfortable and secure in their relationship that they make the best lovers in the world. They are patient and take the time to learn how to pleasure their partners because to them, sex is an act that isn’t purely physical, but has some spiritual components to it as well.

The female Cap, in particular, views love as a foundation of inspiration, and yet tends to be shy and a little awkward in the presence of those she likes. When in a relationship, Capricorns cherish privacy most of all, and she doesn’t want her partner bragging to his friends about their sex life—in fact, she would probably deny there was any sexual activity happening.

The same extends to casual partners—if there ever are any. The female Capricorn is not one who partakes in casual sex and one-night stands. And once married, they are like lobsters—they mate for life.

However, since Caps have a hard time experiencing true love, it might take a lot of patience to get to the marrying or commitment stage with a Capricorn. It’s not that they are afraid to settle down—it’s more like they are a bit socially awkward and this puts a damper on things.

Assuming you are dating a female Cap, you also need to be able to keep the relationship exciting and fresh because Caps will get bored and start to question their feelings for you since the feelings they had when they fell in love with you have changed (a normal thing in most relationships). However, the Cap will take this as a sign that things aren’t right and will move on looking for “true love” elsewhere and bemoaning the fact that she can never find it.

Capricorn Compatibility with Other Signs

The female Cap tends to attract “weak” men, not physically, but emotionally. They are usually not right for her in the long run, but seem right at the moment. Potential relationship problems with female Caps stems from the fact that she is often impossible to figure out as her moods can turn on and off just like that. Also, because Caps take life pretty seriously, it is hard for the female Cap to just let loose and have a good time on a date or in a semi-casual relationship. To her, if it’s not leading somewhere serious, what’s the point?

One of the worst match-ups with a female Capricorn is the male Gemini, as he doesn’t want anything to do with the Cap’s organized and orderly life, while the Capricorn will never be able to understand Gemini’s need for freedom and newness. They might make for a good one night stand—if Capricorns engaged in such “irresponsible” behavior, but it won’t go beyond that.

Same goes for the female Cap and the male Leo. A Capricorn’s pragmatic sense, especially with regard to money, will cause conflict between the two, as the male Leo likes to spend money and think about the consequences later. Plus, the Leo tends to need a lot of physical affection, something that Capricorns don’t do very well.

On the other hand, the male Virgo and the female Cap might actually make a go of it. They both have strong work ethics, and believe in the security of capitalism as a way to provide them with material comforts and future riches. Plus, their low sexual drives will be a perfect match, as both tend to prefer quality over quantity.

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