So You’re Dating a Pisces…

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Dating a Pisces [February 20-March 20] woman and want to know a little more about what makes her tick? Read on…

Traditional Traits

piscesPisces people (Pisceans) possess a gentle spirit and are generally described as being friendly, good-natured, sensitive and compassionate. Their overall good nature makes them popular with a variety of people, in part because they are so easygoing. Accepting people for who they are makes Pisceans very well-liked among their peers. More often than not, they are seen as being more concerned with the well-being of others than with their own.

These qualities tend to make them a little too emotional and not rational or intellectual for some circumstances. Their otherworldly spirit lends them toward creativity and they dislike confinement (such as the typical 9 to 5 job) that limits their creativity and time. However, Pisceans tend to withdraw in their own dream world, making them, at times, inaccessible to others around them. On the other hand, Pisceans can channel this dream-like state into creative projects.

Career-wise Pisceans tend to be better at independent work or something subordinate to important and stressful positions. If they are emotionally connected to their work, their capacity for compassion and hard work is endless. Some good career choices for the typical Piscean are ballet dancer, musician, or social worker.

Pisces Sexual Characteristics

The female Pisces are very romantic and are often described as having their heads in the clouds. She typically has a slim build and tends to “fill out nicely” in her later years (read: big bosom). With large eyes and a welcoming smile, the female Pisces is an attractive catch. In addition to being attractive, the female Pisces has a great sense of humour that is sometimes used to protect her fragile sense of being. She doesn’t want to dominate or be dominated, but rather ‘just get along with everyone.’

Female Pisceans need a partner who will allow her to dream and indulge in classically romantic fantasies. Her dream-like state makes her a prime candidate for long-term love relationships. Love might be scary for her because when she loves, she gives up so much of herself. If you are the right one, you will benefit from an intense spiritual, emotional and physical love rarely rivaled by others.

She is after a man who is romantic and sensitive, with a creative imagination and a mysterious aura. If you’ve got a sob story to tell her, this might spark an initial interest in her because of her intensely compassionate nature.

When it comes to sexual relationships, the female Pisces is very delicate and can sometimes come across as being asexual, ideally desiring a relationship with their partner’s mind rather than their body. This, however, can result in her heart being broken as she can be tricked into being with someone thought to be delicate and sensitive, yet is really harsh and uncaring. She will remain, nonetheless, faithful and loyal to her partner.

Pisces Compatibility with other signs

A good match-up is seen between the female Pisces and the male Taurus. He will bring a take-charge attitude that will help to remove her from her hazy dreamworld. She will, in turn, be a passive partner for the Ram to dominate (or think he is dominating). She will be intrigued by his take-charge way and he will be allured by her mysterious sexuality. As long as he doesn’t dominate too harshly, this relationship stands a good chance at lasting a long time.

Another good pairing is the female Pisces and the male Cancer. These two are both quite emotional and both have that need for strong emotional ties in a relationship. He’s very protective of her which is a situation she thrives under because it makes her feel safe. Their sexual compatibility can be described as passionate. Fantasies become reality in this intensely emotional relationship.

The male Capricorn and the female Pisces make an unusually good pair as well. His predictable ways are appreciated by her and help to reassure her and make her feel safe. She will tend to subscribe to his way of getting things done which helps, in turn, to reassure him. These two won’t be painting the town red—they will on the sofa watching one of their favorite old movies.

There are, however, just as many bad matches for the female Pisces; for instance, pairing her up with the male Gemini is recipe for disaster. He’s a charming type, but doesn’t take things as seriously as she would like him to. And while she’s looking for her soul mate, he’s just looking for a temporary bit of fun. It’s best that these two not even get started.

The male Leo is another bad trap for the female Pisces to fall into. He’s outgoing, which may at first be exciting, but they will discover that their differences are too big to be overcome by the few similarities they have. Sexually, he wants things regularly and efficiently done, while she is living in a sexual fantasy world that he won’t indulge her in. He will get fed up and leave her for someone else who doesn’t like to play mental games.

Lastly, the Aquarius male and the female Pisces—while they seem to offer what could be an interesting pairing; their relationship won’t stand the test of time. He likes to indulge in novel sexual fantasies which will please her; in fact, it will probably sweep her off her feet. However, she will attach herself to him in such a way that suffocates him and makes him run for cover because he doesn’t want the responsibility of having to deal with her emotional growth.

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